News Bits: 3/8/11 Edition

Ahhh – what to say first? So many things are making me happy right now! I just finished watching Sign episode 17 and OHMYGAWD – can I please have Jung Gyu Woon for myself? I didn’t claim him did I? Well, I have Park Shi Hoo…and I guess Uhm Tae Woong… and Cha Seung Won… but I can easily drop the last two for Jung Gyu Woon!!! He is the awesomest man ever.

But! I digress – the above photo comes from Uhm Ji Won‘s Twitter account, and it’s the script of the last episode of Sign, which airs this week. *Sob!

  • On to more cheerful news: Hyun Bin has just entered the military. OK – that was sad, BUT, eight hours later it was announced that he had broken up with Song Hye Gyo. Rejoice! “That Man” is now single! Woohoo! I must really hate Song Hye Gyo and I don’t know why – but something about her choices in roles puts me off. Apparently, they’ve been apart for a while (what with their busy schedules), but they suppressed the news until he went off to the military. That way, there’s no way the media can make a huge fuss about it to the both of them. They can probably still stalk Song for news, but I think she’s busy with her projects and won’t have time to address it.
  • It is possible that Lee Da Hae‘s recent departure from the drama Coffee is due to her participation in a new drama called Goodbye Mr. Ripley… which would also star Micky Yoochun. *My eyes grow wide in shock* because this is the oddest pairing ever. In addition, it will star Kang Hye Jung and Kim Seung Woo (is this why he left Crime Squad?). All four stars were reported to leaving for Japan at the same time to meet with the PD.
  • Big Bang‘s new single “Tonight” is so gosh darn addicting. While I’m still hating T.O.P.’s hair, they definitely made good use of Las Vegas when filming their MV there:
  • A new member has been added to the boy band U-Kiss – a college student named Hoon. He already made his “acting debut” with a cameo in Athena as the president’s bodyguard. Two of the band’s members had been released from the group: Ki Bum‘s contract was ended and Alexander was converted into a solo singer. The second member is AJ, from the group Paran. Because most of the members of Paran went to the army, the group has pretty much disbanded, and AJ is the youngest of that group.
  • Kim Jae Won‘s comeback drama will be the 50-episode vehicle called Can You Hear My Heart? It’s about a cheerful woman falling in love with a hearing-impaired man. It also stars Hwang Jung Eum and Lee Kyu Han (I love this guy – he’s hilarious in Smile You). He had been in the army for the past two years, and is known for his roles in My Love Patzzi and Hwang Jin Yi.


source: dramabeans, twitter, allkpop, asiae


12 thoughts on “News Bits: 3/8/11 Edition

  1. can I please have Jung Gyu Woon for myself?
    Nope, you already have Park Si Hoo. Besides, it’s too late because he has been mine ever since shooting “Doctor Champ”. ^^ In fact, besides a few MP / SH / MQ bits of episodes, I haven’t watched any new drama – Park Ji Heon is, according to the lyrics of an old Nat King Cole’s tune, unforgettable. *^^*

      • Oh man, I love JGW as well. Don’t you remember how I commented that he was gonna do even bigger things after Dr. Champ? Though I’m not watching Sign, I bet he’s awesome in it. Sigh. If only Park Shin Yang wasn’t in it….

  2. Can I claim him too?XD I know which scene you’re talking about, and I was spazzing like crazy! HAHA~

    He’s just been confirmed for a new drama with Sung Yu Ri, The Maid? Not the fan of the latter but he’s coming back as the leading guy again, so YAY!

    • bwahaha! virtual high five*

      ugh – she’s gonna sap out his energy. will this be like Loving You A Thousand Times all over again? i can’t see him pulling off the “cold” chaebol type – he’s too lovable!!!

  3. Ahhh I just love Jung kyue Woon too, Hahhahaha

    But I love park shi hoo, too. So I’m torn, HAHAHHA

    Can I have both? kkk

  4. I’m so happy to find someone recapping sign, thanks!!

    I’m sad, sign is ending tomorrow!! >_<

    Btw, I also love Jung Gyu woon πŸ™‚ since DC. He is so cute!

    Wonder if he can play the cold chaebol guy….

  5. @ Kaedejun: I’ve read that PSH is such a great guy that I couldn’t help but “promote” him to lessen the focus on my JGW. ^^
    But you’re right, the Kdrama world is filled with interesting bachelors such as Uhm Tae Woong (way too late for Cha Seung Won, hey :P) and err, well many others, except Ko Soo and Alex. Maybe Song Seung Hoon, Eriiiiiiiiiiic and other hawties. Not to mention T-dramas, with its lot of Mike He and its likes.
    Pick your man, ladies! πŸ˜€

    On a sidenote, why does JGW always gets to be falling for the ice queen in his dramas? Maybe to balance his personal life, with a passionate personality such as mine as his gf. Bwahaha. ^^

  6. omg denali, kaedejun, I’m sorry… Hahahha
    can’t help it, love both of them with different kind of appeal and charms… Kkkk

    honestly, I always fall for the guy who everyone else not interested in. Because my tastes for a guy is weird… So it kinds new experience to me i can share my love for my favourite actor with everyone except me, kkkk
    ook, I JGW and PSH has been taken..
    shin ha kyung is mine…. No one interested in him right? Hahahah

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