49 Days Press Conference

49 Days is premiering in a week! And so the stars joined in a press conference. I wonder what Jo Hyun Jae did to make Lee Yo Won, Seo Ji Hye, and Nam Gyu Ri break into laughter.

A cute pairing: Jo Hyun Jae and Lee Yo Won

Pairing Number 2: Nam Gyu Ri and Jung Il Woo

The boys...Bae Soo Bin, Jo Hyun Jae, and Jung Il Woo

I am really not liking Jung Il Woo‘s look – his hair and his outfit. He looks like a woman… at least Jo Hyun Jae dresses quite normal…although his jeans make him look more casual than the others.

Uhmm… I think Bae Soo Bin was trying to go for a more polished European look, but his pants are sloppy and ill-fitting. At least his onscreen gal pal, Seo Ji Hye, is stunning in red.

Lee Yo Won’s dress is highly dependent on the angle you look at her in – in some angles it’s kinda cute, and in others it looks like she has loose fabric taped to her chest. As for Nam Gyu Ri – her dress is very simple and pale – safe, and boring.

source: soompi 1, 2, 3, 4


4 thoughts on “49 Days Press Conference

  1. All men in this drama way TOO HOT! I remember I can’t get enough LSG and PSH in So Hyung Kyung Previous drama. Their character is so captivated. I didn’t know Jo Hyun JAe before … but my heart always beat faster everytime I see his pics in 49 days campaign! OH GOD! I can’t wait to know about his character in 49 days!

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