Sign: Episode 10

Episode 10 coming right up! This episode was unintentionally funny because of all the English that was used. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be tongue-in-cheek (I think it is), but it comes off more funny and awkward than sly and ironic.

Da Kyung returns to the fish market where her father works. He’s puzzled to see her during the day, but she just glazes over it and offers to help gut the fish. However, the moment she picks up the knife, she has memories of holding the scalpel…over a breathing, living Jong Ho. It’s enough to terrify her, and her father takes over.

Ji Hoon calls up Byung Do for some advice. Byung Do: “I know it’s not about relationship problems. Is this about an autopsy?” LOL. He presents the gang-shooting case to his mentor, and Byung Do reminds him to start with the basics, and go back to the scene of the crime. If the scene was tampered, then figure out why it was tampered, and sift through the tampered evidence.

Meanwhile, Yi Han goes to see his father. It’s rare that he introduces himself as the “son” rather than “Choi Yi Han,” so he’s allowed in to his father’s office. Yi Han wants his father to help with the shooting case, but his father’s already a step ahead of him – Woo Jin has already approached him about it. She wants to take over the case from her sunbae, but the father points out that her investigation is lacking concrete, and legal, evidence. Yi Han is frustrated that his father isn’t letting justice prevail, as his professional advice is to stop looking into it. However, he turns it back to Woo Jin: by turning in her sunbae, she is also risking her own reputation as a prosecutor. If she’s ready to do that, then she can continue the investigation.

She is, and so the father tells her if she can give him the name of the soldier in suspicion, he will hand the case over to her. Yi Han’s respect for his father grows tenfold and calls him “cool.” Superintendent Prosecutor (with a cute grin): “Deep down inside, I have a conscience too.”

Woo Jin then goes and sends out her findings to the internet via public fax facilities so that it can’t be traced back to her. Once it’s online, it will be easier to stir up public opinion rather than having it crushed in newspaper offices. They then go back to the office and pore through all of the names of the soldiers that were out that day. (I love that some of the names on that list are “Ben Stiller”, “Justin Theroux,” “Jonah Hill,” and “Jake Gyllenhaal” – I had no idea our stars were serving in Korea!)

Back at NFS, Sook Ja and Ji-Hoon-Wannabe have awkward run-ins in the office, which arouses Wan Tae’s curiosity. He tries to dig deeper when suddenly they find themselves in the midst of more news – the Internet has already published articles that NFS and the Prosecutor’s office are covering up a shooting involving a US soldier. Dr. Joo is scared at all the chaos but Myung Han reminds him that “nothing happened” at the autopsy.

Da Kyung is constantly haunted by visions of Jong Ho – all of them manifesting in dreams or hallucinations because of her guilt in not being able to prove his innocence. In the middle of the night she gets called out by Ji Hoon for some investigating. They return to the scene of the crime and pore through all of the evidence and blood stains again. Da Kyung “sees” Jong Ho again, and Ji Hoon tells her that if they can prove the soldier is guilty, she won’t see the ghost again.

After reenacting the scene, they realize that someone must have come in to wipe up all the excess blood that belonged to Jong Ho’s gunshot wound. They use a chlorine detection chemical reagent all over the floors to see if someone used a certain type of bleach to clean up the blood. They spend hours combing through everything and then finally see the invisible remains of blood drops through their black lights. The droplets lead to the bathroom, and so they start searching the bathroom. A lot of blood is found in the sink, and on top of that Ji Hoon discovers a stained washcloth in the toilet that hadn’t been flushed away properly. That cloth is their last chance for DNA.

However, on their way out, they notice that there were yellow stickers on every mailbox informing the residents that the water supply would be shut off on the day of the shooting. That means, the washcloth couldn’t have been flushed – or even half flushed – if it was used on the day of the shooting. Ji Hoon realizes that they just picked up fake evidence.

It’s all part of Myung Han and Attorney Jang’s devious plan. They planted false evidence to distract and waste Ji Hoon’s time. Myung Han confirms with Attorney Jang that the soldier will be leaving the country the next day, which spells the end of their worries – hopefully.

Da Kyung and Ji Hoon have to go back and search again, and they decide to look at all the walls for any blood traces – working all the way through to the day time. Finally, Da Kyung finds traces of blood high up on a wall. Based on Yang Jung Soo’s injuries, it’s not possible that the blood stains are his, but Kim Jong Ho could have been the one to fight the US soldier… Ji Hoon asks Da Kyung if she remembered any of Jong Ho’s injuries on his body during the autopsy, and she racks her brain hard until finally she realizes that Jong Ho had a deep cut on his hand.

They pull down the blinds to darken the room, and then notice the evidence that they needed. They send the image to their underlings back at NFS for analysis, and then meet with Woo Jin.

Woo Jin is making a case to her boss that her sunbae is actually covering up the murder and pinning it on Jong Ho. She can prove that it was a US soldier – Ji Hoon brings in the blinds, which has a bloody handprint belonging to Jong Ho.

So what happened was… Jong Ho was drunkenly calling Dong Gu to hurry up over to the bar. The military soldier was annoyed, and then decided to just start a fight with Jung Soo. Why? I don’t know. He’s crazy. But Jong Ho is offended and he goes to start a fight with the soldier. They push each other around and then Jong Ho grabs the soldier’s dog tags. The soldier punches him, and Jong Ho’s fingers cut while pulling at the dog tags. His bloody handprint lands on the blinds, and he pulls at the blinds (making it go up) to help him stand up. The soldier pulls out a gun and aims at Jong Ho, but Jung Soo stands, and he gets shot first. Two bullets go into Jung Soo, and a third into Jong Ho. When the evidence was getting cleaned up, they had not known that the blinds were actually holding the last remaining piece of evidence.

The image that Ji Hoon had sent to be analyzed showed a vague imprint of the dog tag in the blood. The identification numbers point to a Justin Cooper – a soldier who has a history of violence. The sunbae cannot accept this and promises a reinvestigation. However, that’s when Yi Han’s father steps in – and he assigns that task to Woo Jin instead. He gives her a warrant to arrest Justin Cooper.

Woo Jin drives up to the base Camp Halloween (really, what kind of name is that!?) and demands to speak with Justin Cooper (in her stilted English). However the guard (who’s name is JUSTIN BIEBER by the way) informs her that Justin Cooper just left for the airport. In fact – he is in the car with Attorney Jang. The cops and Woo Jin make chase and catch up with them. They get cut off and are trapped at an intersection. She reads him his rights, and he has the guts to say that he’s the one protecting them and is getting treated like crap. And then she says: “I’m not arresting you because you’re an American, nor because you are of a different skin color. I’m arresting you because you killed someone.”

OK – that line was said so dramatically and importantly but it cracked. me. up. Show – you’re a lot more effective in Korean. Sorry.

But anyways! Justin Cooper is arrested and that puts NFS in a bad light for having forged the autopsy report. Dr. Joo is forced to take the blame for it and is fired. Ji Hoon knows that Myung Han was involved and therefore should also be removed from his position, but Myung Han spins it to say that both of them lost – NFS’ reputation has been soiled. Nevertheless, Ji Hoon thinks that Da Kyung should be rewarded and reinstated, and so Myung Han hands back her ID.

Back at the fish market, Da Kyung’s father is worried that NFS might be lacking in manpower if she stays home any longer, and she deflects his attention towards his bad stock of fish. Suddenly she has a new customer asking for whale – it’s Ji Hoon. He comments that fish market work suits her – she even looks old – and then hands her back her ID. But beneath that is also the invincible Yu Gi Oh card that she had given to him way back when they were drinking together. He tells her she might need the strength more, and makes a passive comment about being her mentor (yay!)

Attorney Jang meets with Myung Han about how much more aggressive they have to be; they can’t weaken from this incident. It turns out Dr. Joo wasn’t completely fired – just put on standby somewhere else until Myung Han can bring him back in. Jang thinks that his inability to betray those close to him is Myung Han’s weakness, but Myung Han says the only reason he wants power is because he doesn’t want to lose something dear to him. That feeling of helplessness is not one he wishes to experience again.

When left alone, he takes out an envelope, which holds an old document and a photo of him in the past with Byung Do. Tears well up in his eyes – the man has a story!!!

Da Kyung returns to NFS proudly and excitedly and meets the team in the autopsy room. The victim is a 45-year old male was found dead in his room. Ji Hoon assigns tasks and then informs Da Kyung that she’ll be performing her own autopsy in another room. She’s so excited at getting her own special autopsy…only to find out that she’s performing one on an earthworm! The earthworms were consistently found in the food hall and so the task is to figure out if someone planted them there, or if they grew out of the baking process.

Ooook – now if only she can figure out which end is the head and which end is the tail….

She gets a call from Ji Hoon – not only does she have to finish the worm autopsy in 30 minutes, she has to assist in another autopsy of a drowned victim and write a report by nine p.m. – no seven – no six! – and then she has to get ready for the business trip coming up in a few days and write a report on that too. Bwahaha!

On top of all that – she is forced to drive Ji Hoon on their business trip!! šŸ˜€

Back at NFS, Sook Ja rushes in and turns on the TV. A mysterious NFS insider spoke on a television program about the shady practices of NFS, and how they had covered up a case twenty years ago having to do with some people getting killed off in a certain Company H. Byung Do is watching the same program at his home with a troubled expression. Myung Han is furious and wants this insider found. He calls Byung Do – only the two of them know the true story of this case, so how could anyone else have found out about it? He swears to protect NFS, but Byung Do is going to have to stop Ji Hoon from investigating further. Ji Hoon can’t know that this case has to do with his father’s death.

Byung Do hangs up, and suddenly – Ji Hoon and Da Kyung are knocking at his door.


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