My Queen: First Impressions

OHMYGAWD! I think I found my Taiwanese drama fix! I know it’s SOOOOOOO belated, and people left and right have been telling me to watch this, but I’ve finally tuned in to My Queen. Ethan Ruan, I LOVE YOU! And it also stars Cheryl Yang, whom I saw playing the uber-meanie in the Chinese version of All About Eve. She’s a bit more lovable here, thankfully. It also helps that her character is referred to as a “Female Voldemort.” Mwahaha.

But again, why must the previews for the next episodes reveal so much!?

I really enjoy this drama, and it follows the same vein of Dal Ja’s Spring – which isn’t a bad thing for me. It helps that Cheryl Yang (as Shan Wu Shuang) is quite the sassy female, and charming as well. Ethan Ruan (as Lucas) is… well, Ethan Ruan – hot and awesome! He just makes me go SQUEEEEE! One of my favorite moments is in episode 2: he saved Wu Shuang from embarrassment when she was getting pranked by her coworkers (who are laughably mean). His business partner JJ was supposed to win Wu Shuang over with his smooth words and admiration, but then ditch her at the last second by not kissing her during a kissing contest, saying that she’s an old maid. Lucas felt so bad that he went up to her and said, “Three times I met you, and three times my job was messed up by you. But whatever.” And he SWOOPS in for a kiss! I likey.

And then he pretends to be her boyfriend and takes her away. I double likey.

(On another note – is it now a rule that every Ethan Ruan drama must have a bed scene? I don’t mind – he’s convincing at it!)

The two of them have a cute, sharp, fast paced dialogue that’s honest and hilarious at the same time. An example (when they were about to have a one-night stand and she finds out his age, and kicks him out):

Wu Shuang: “What are you holding?”

Lucas: “A condom.”

Wu Shuang: “A condom!?…Do your parents know you’re holding a condom?!”

And then, in reference to their age difference, she calls him a “fertilized egg” because when she was in school, he was just a fertilized egg!

I also enjoy that they have been placed as neighbors because they can hear each other through the thin walls. It’s close enough to provide some form of intimacy, and yet still distant enough to keep them apart.

Episode 2 ends with Lucas becoming Wu Shuang’s bodyguard. Because of her explosive expose on a politician’s illegitimate child, she is sent a threatening note and a mini bomb inside a cake. Because of her co-worker’s nasty comments on his every-man-service site, Lucas is out of a job, and so hired to be Wu Shuang’s bodyguard by her boss. Of course, Wu Shuang is against it, but when he threatens to tell her gossipy coworkers about the hickey on his neck, she hires him.

There is also the presence of a Han Jia Jia, who has an innocent, plain Jane look but a potential love interest for Lucas. He had noticed how kind she was compared to Wu Shuang and is attracted to her. However, I think she has joined the office for nefarious purposes; she’s also the one who brought in the bomb-cake. I think we’ll find out her deal soon enough since Taiwanese dramas usually move fast.

I’ve only seen two episodes, but I’m off for more – Ethan! Ruan! Ethan! Ruan!

No worries – Sunny Happiness is still on my to-watch list!


6 thoughts on “My Queen: First Impressions

  1. Ethan Ruan? Yummy. ^^

    You did convince me to start watching this drama but boy, the first scene of ep 1 had me cringed. Seeing a mother getting hit willingly multiple times because she thinks that’s the only way to please the “gods” (?) so that her 33-year-old single daughter marries in the following year – no, thanks. Maybe that’s a cultural thing?

  2. I checked this out after I read your impressions. I’ve been meaning to, but just hadn’t gotten around to it (not with the crack that was Dream High ~stifles sobs~ it’s over…). I loved Ethan in Fated to Love You, and I enjoy him here, too. I love his character so far (I’m up to episode 5, but have peeked ahead to later episodes a few times), and I like the relationship that he and Cheryl’s character are building. I certainly wouldn’t have kicked him out of my bed, though, even if he was eight years younger than me (which, thankfully, he’s not). ^_^


    Just kidding. But, SH is now possibly my favoritest Taiwanese drama ever, if not the most addicting one for me. After Sunny Happiness, I suddenly started searching around for more Taiwanese dramas to watch. I checked out The Fierce Wife and that’s a melodrama that makes my stomach curl into cheese. Fantastic acting, though I do love the issue it deals with. There’s much to analyze in TFW, but I can’t watch too much of it or else I’d sink into depression. ><"

    As for My Queen, it looks interesting. Ethan Ruan is pretty cute. 😀 So should I give this a go? Let me know what you think after watching some more! I've got a ton on my plate already. *sheepish*

    • I think I’m the only one who isn’t into Sunny Happiness. I’ve been stuck at episode 5 for forever. I dislike the female lead… maybe that’s why.

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