Sunny Happiness: First Impressions

I think I now know why I’ve seen so little Taiwanese dramas. Or that I’d start them but never finish them. I think I can only count one that had the right mix of good quality and fan fervor (based on what I’ve seen, not in general). But the rest… let’s just say it feels like once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

With that said, I approached Sunny Happiness with much caution, and threw it in the wind for the hopes of seeing Mike He in all his glory again.

I don’t think Sunny Happiness is that great. But I don’t think it’s terrible either. It has unexpected cliffhangers (as in, the episode suddenly ends when I’m expecting more) that is totally in its favor because it makes me want to watch more. However, overall, it’s not interesting.

It starts off with the wedding between Mike He and Janine Chang, and a subsequent bed scene. (Duh they’re trying to suck you in!!) And it’s supposed to make you wonder why these two are in this situation when they hate each other. (OK, so I’m a bit curious, but not really.) It then goes on to show how they first met – their accidental meetings and the fact that she works at his hotel. And their fates will continue to intertwine as he wants to get rid of her orphanage, and she runs into his younger brother…

I gave it two episodes. I’ll probably give it more and I’ll probably keep watching it. However, I’m not sold on the story because I don’t care enough about these characters. I don’t care why they ended up together, and I don’t care whether she will save her orphanage or not. Interesting twist is that Mike He actually has a kid, and when his former flame steps into the picture, it kind of raised my interest. However, knowing Taiwanese dramas, they tend to resolve things quickly; by the end of the second episode, Janine Chang’s character Fang Yong Yong realized her sister was the one hitting on her boss, and is probably going to chew her out for it in episode 3. (She was getting all the blame for it since Mike He’s character thought it was her.) So, I think that instead of a love triangle possibility between Mike He and his former flame, I think it will be more like uncomfortable encounters. I don’t think she’ll want him back, though he may, and he’ll just keep hurting Janine in the process – once she’s already fallen for him. There could be a love square involving the younger brother too, but my money is on the fact that he will watch over Janine like a guardian angel, but he won’t really go after her because she’s his brother’s “woman.” Basically, I just think that everyone else will not be a viable opponent to the true pairing…

These are pure speculations!! And I know that with Korean dramas it can be just as predictable. However, Sunny Happiness doesn’t have that attractive draw to it. It doesn’t make me want to hurry up the week or work day so that I can stay at home and watch it.

But! I’ll give it a chance. I do need to practice my Chinese…


6 thoughts on “Sunny Happiness: First Impressions

  1. YAY! You gave Sunny Happiness a try! 🙂

    You have to wait until episode 6 for it to become super addicting. Actually, it was episodes 8-9 for me but you should be addicted before the tenth episode. Trust me on this one–you’ll like it by the time the series is over. It’s not a perfect drama, but it makes viewers like me very happy. It is full of drama cliches, but you’ll be surprised that those cliches serve a purpose. I also really love the characters with the exception of Wang Lan. Anyway, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and watch episode 2! 🙂

  2. Give it a try. I finished the show up to eps 20 & kinda of fast forward the rest cos I was running out of time but do intend to go back to later. But so far, so good. I tot it was not too bad esp I have given up watching TW dramas for a really long time. Of course this show is not consider entirely TW production. It is a collaboration btw TW & one of the China TV station. So while the 2 main leads are taiwanese, the rest are mostly from China. (you can find eng-subs here if it helps –

  3. If a series does not pull me in by Episode 5, I usually bow out. I’ve only seen Ep 1, and it didn’t leave much of an impression. Cliches abound, re-hashed themes, OTT acting. Hmmm.. and worst, I didn’t see the so called wonderful chemistry between Mike and Janine. >.<

    But I'm planning to give Ep 2 a shot. If it doesn't make me want more, sorry I'm out.

    • yesss! agreed – hence my “bowing out” on Easy Fortune Happy Life, and Down With Love.

      But I’m already on episode 5 of My Queen – I just forced myself to stop watching for the night or else I can’t get other work done!!

  4. It’s interesting, but actually the relationships don’t develop anything like what you’ve predicted. If that makes you want to watch it more.

    I loved it, but I’m not going to claim that it’s a great drama in the production sense. It is pretty good, and I do love the relationship between Yong Yong and Yun Jie, and Yun Chao is a great character played to a T by a great actor. Maybe I was just ready to take a step back from all the DRAMA! of the recent shows I’ve been watching, but SH was a wonderful breath of fresh air, in that Yong Yong have a (mostly) misunderstanding- and melodrama-free relationship. Not to mention Mike He is way cute and utterly adorable as Yun Jie.

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