To Celebrate the High Ratings of Sign…

As you know, Sign got one of its highest ratings ever, thanks to the end of My Princess and the premiere of new dramas (which usually have a harder time gaining followers if going against an established, #1 hit drama). So here I present some behind the scenes photos and reactions from the cast…

Jung Gyu Woon: We got over 20%!? No way!

Jun Kwang Ryul: *sniiiiiiiiiiff* Smell that? It’s the sweet scent of success and power.

Kim Ah Joong: No, Jun Kwang Ryul-ssi. I smell my coffee!

Uhm Ji Won: YESSSSSSSSSS! Now give me a damn promotion!

Park Shin Yang: I’m sorry, did you say something? I couldn’t hear you…

source: soompi


2 thoughts on “To Celebrate the High Ratings of Sign…

  1. Wow, am so glad! Congratulation to the whole team! I really love the plot & characters in this show. It’s so different from the usual fluff of KDramas. The storyline each week is gripping, making you looking forward to the next week’s screening. Characters are so down to earth & real. And very lovable! Finally, recognition for the show. Yippee!

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