Sign: Episode 9

I have been sorely  behind in recapping this drama. My bad. Life gets to me too hard.

But not as hard as the victims!!

On the upside – Sign enjoyed its highest ratings so far this week with 23%! Woohoo!

Ji Hoon crashes Myung Han’s lecture on forensic science and challenges him to explain what the motto of NFS is. In a very passive way, he asks what would happen if NFS was caught lying and fabricating evidence. Myung Han doesn’t answer, because it’s “not a question pertaining to the lecture.” Outside of class, Ji Hoon resolves to find evidence that will pin Kang Seo Yeon for murder.

Though he doesn’t look it, Myung Han is very worried. Inside the privacy of his car, he calls up Dr. Joo and asks if all the evidence has been destroyed. Unfortunately, the blue threads are the only ones missing from the “To Destroy” list.

Da Kyung is back home, rummaging through all her things to find the book where she kept the blue-threads-evidence. She runs out, with the plastic baggy in hand, and runs smack into Yi Han. It’s kinda funny – Yi Han is as hard as a rock, so Da Kyung goes flying backwards.

They talk in a cafe, where he finds out she stole the evidence. They both share their frustrations in having Kang Seo Yeon within reach, only unable to pin the crime to her and arrest her. But first, Yi Han wants to ask Da Kyung for a favor.


They go to the shooting range and Da Kyung is handed a pistol to fire at the target. The recoil is very strong when she shoots, and she excitedly brings in the target paper to see if she hit it. The target paper is perfectly clean – her bullet went into the wall all the way over there. It proves to Yi Han that it is very difficult for anyone not in the military (male or female) to shoot a pistol with accuracy.

Ji Hoon-Wannabe brings the case of the gangster shooting to Ji Hoon’s attention, noting that Dr. Joo’s autopsy seems very off and that NFS wasn’t even allowed to see the scene of the crime. Of course, this gives Ji Hoon an excuse to go back to his yell-y self and chew out Dr. Joo. When this incident is brought to Myung Han’s attention, it becomes even more urgent for him and the mysterious lawyer guy (Attorney Jang) to find Kim Jong Ho.

Woo Jin visits her lawyer sunbae and finds out he’s in charge of the gang shooting. She points out discrepancies in the incident, but the sunbae thinks little of it. Meanwhile, Yi Han has Da Kyung checking on the evidence for his gangster-related case. He gets a call from Dong Gu and grabs Da Kyung for help.

Ji Hoon goes back to the scene of the crime, where he finds Woo Jin there, contemplating. She doesn’t want to make the same mistake she did with Seo Yoon Hyung (as in, not being able to do anything to prosecute properly), so Ji Hoon lets her join in as his assistant. They meticulously measure each blood stain and analyze the splatter to figure out where the shooter was standing. They check for any blood stains that look slightly different, and Woo Jin finds a blood drop that doesn’t look like head splatter. Ji Hoon measures it and realizes that another person was injured, and Woo Jin says it’s Kim Jong Ho.

Back at NFS in the dark of the night, Ji Hoon-Wannabe breaks in to Dr. Joo’s computer to see if he can get any evidence about the shooting case. He sneaks out of the office, relieved, only to jump at the sight of Dr. Hong – who’s caught him red-handed. She wants to know why he’s snooping around and is ready to yell for Dr. Joo. He tries his hardest to shut her up, but she won’t let him cover her mouth. So he kisses her.

HAH! Best way to shut up a girl. She is so shocked, and drops her coffee cup, but her hands involuntarily go up to his waist. Dr. Joo actually appears to break up this “love fest” and Ji Hoon-Wannabe stomps off in anger and embarrassment. Dr. Hong runs off too, but you can’t deny she was moooooooved.

Da Kyung and Yi Han arrive to find Dong Gu outside a clinic, where Jong Ho lies dead. The police arrive and arrest Dong Gu for aiding a criminal, but Yi Han says that Jong Ho was just another victim; he has a bullet wound too. At the same time, Ji Hoon is rushing Woo Jin to find Jong Ho; if he was shot there would be three bullets. However, only two bullets were found at the crime scene, so it means that his body is carrying the third bullet. That bullet is the only piece of evidence that the gun fired belonged to a soldier.

The police receive word from Woo Jin’s lawyer sunbae that the family is against an autopsy. Actually – he’s just being forced to say that by Attorney Jang, standing in the room next to him. Da Kyung can’t stand for this and locks the police and Yi Han out. She calls Ji Hoon about the body and then asks him for help to perform her autopsy completely alone. Though they can’t do it without the Prosecutor Office’s permission, Da Kyung reminds Ji Hoon that they can’t let evidence slip through their fingers again.

Over the phone he guides her (despite Woo Jin and Yi Han’s protests that this will be career suicide). He has Woo Jin help him with simulating Jong Ho’s injury, and then tells Da Kyung exactly where to cut so that they can extract the bullet. Before she makes the incision, she holds Jong Ho’s hand and promises to find out the truth. Time is running out though, because the police managed to get a security guard to come with keys. He has a lot of keys though, and fumbles around searching for the right one. Just as they open the door, she extracts the bullet. It’s a brass, round bullet with a P engraved on the bottom, meaning Parabellum – it is a bullet for a military Baretta gun.

So Da Kyung solved the case – EXCEPT! The police has to write a report about it and he’s getting a major headache. Da Kyung is willing to take all the blame, but wants him to acknowledge the evidence she illegally acquired. The Lawyer Sunbae arrives and tells Da Kyung her career is over for damaging a corpse illegally, Ji Hoon barges in, throwing his support behind her, and takes her home. Her father is waiting outside worriedly, but thanks at the sight of Ji Hoon bringing her home. He reassures the father that Da Kyung is actually a good forensics examiner, which surprises both of them. Da Kyung is really touched and happy that she just earned a bit of praise from him.

Attorney Jang wants Da Kyung’s license revoked immediately, and the next day Da Kyung is forced to face the music. Ji Hoon is incredibly defensive and accuses Myung Han and Dr. Joo of covering up things while Da Kyung is faultless for searching for the truth. Though Myung Han feigns indifference to the tripartite talks (I think he actually is indifferent, but is forced to care), he reminds Ji Hoon that the implications of the Parabellum bullet will have a larger effect on the national level. The person who died is of no consequence compared to the country. Ji Hoon: “In the autopsy room, everyone is equal.” Because everyone is dead.

Myung Han reasons: “Thousands of people die in the name of justice… in order to right what is wrong, one needs power.” He’s very Machiavellian, believing that with power, anything can be solved.

With that, he dismisses Da Kyung. Oh – and he got permission to expel her from the Ministry of Public Security. Without a fight, Da Kyung hands in her ID. Privately, to Ji Hoon, she tells him that she has faith he will get the evidence and her ID back, because he believed that she would be a good forensics examiner. And with tears in her eyes, she leaves NFS.

At the crime scene, Myung Han investigates the blood splatter with Attorney Jang. He reveals honestly that he admires Ji Hoon’s integrity and ability to be cool-headed. In a shooting case, the crime scene is always more important than the autopsy, and Ji Hoon recognized that. But Attorney Jang is not worried – he’s already taken care of the bullet, removed all traces of US military presence, and has already covered up (tampered with) the crime scene.


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