Poster Shoot for 49 Days


Photo spamazz!

The photos look incredibly somber and melodramatic, which I hope is not going to be the tone for the drama. While I do expect some melodramatic crying scenes (the goal IS to get three people to cry), I do hope for some awesome comedic hijinks with the whole soul switcheroo. The photo setup is also pretty bland. If you notice, all the men are facing to the left, and all the women are on their right profile. It’s a bit uninspired.

Nevertheless – everyone looks so purrrrrrty.

In order, Bae Soo Bin (who’s the only guy who’s got some character in his pose; everyone else seems bored and lifeless), Jo Hyun Jae, Jung Il Woo, Seo Ji Hye, Nam Gyu Ri, and Lee Yo Won.

UPDATE: I will put all my money on betting that Jung Il Woo is Lee Yo Won’s brother, contrary to rumors, because his name is Song Yi Soo and Lee’s name is Song Yi Kyung. I give up. I’ll wait for the damn drama to illuminate me.

source: soompi


3 thoughts on “Poster Shoot for 49 Days

  1. that cant be the main poster on top right cuz it kinda looks like a bad photoshop job to me…it looks like they are all not standing on the same plane or something…other than the pics looks fine..though what’s with the somber mood?….wasnt this supposed to be quirky comedy??

  2. It seems he wasn’t her brother but boyfriend?!?!

    I read it and still thinking if is true… (he look too young for her… )

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