News Bits: 2/28/11 Edition

It’s the end of February!

And great Scott! Chris Columbus (the director of Harry Potter and Home Alone, not the explorer) announced that he will bought the rights to Cha Tae Hyun’s comedy film “Hello Ghost.” The movie just came out last year, and now it’s going to be remade for American audiences. Great. Just great. Wow. I’m sooo frickin’ happy.

  • Hyun Bin and Kim Seung Oh star in a Samsung CF for their new smart TV, and they resume their bickering, insanely cute relationship. Seriously – I could watch a comedy show of the two of them as they have their (mis)adventures with the women they love (Ha Ji Won and Yoo In Na).
  • Forbes Korea released a list of the top forty Korean celebrities. So many singers, actors, and athletes made the cut, and a lot of them are really, really young. Here’s the top 10 from the list:
  1. Girls Generation
  2. Park Ji Sung
  3. Kim Yuna
  4. Lee Seung Gi
  5. 2PM
  6. Yoo Jae Suk
  7. Lee Chung Yong
  8. 2AM
  9. Chu Shinsoo
  10. Kang Ho Dong

Lee Hyori, Yoon Si Yoon, Rain, Super Junior, Go Hyun Jung, Jang Dong Gun, Lee Na Young, Park Tae Hwan, Big Bang, Hyun Bin, Bae Yong Joon, and BEAST are all on the list too. I’m kinda surprised at what the list is comprised of, and the ranking for each of them. It’s basically a list of all the people who had a “big” year in 2010 (whether good or bad), rather than anything else.

  • Only Aaron Yan, Calvin Chen, and Jiro Wang appeared in a Fahrenheit performance in Beijing, which sparked more questions and rumors that Wu Zun really was leaving. However, they clarified that it was just coincidental planning, and that Wu Zun had to attend to some business matters in Brunei. They also announced that the group recorded four more new songs. Sooooo – this is good! Right…? (‘Cause honestly, the three of them could easily have just recorded the songs without Wu Zun…)
  • Isabella Leong was all set for a life of richness and splendor as the mother of three boys, all fathered by Richard Li (who is the son of a Hong Kong billionaire). And guess what – she just broke up with him. Having given birth to twin boys last year, her father in law finally approved of her and was arranging to have her move from San Francisco to Hong Kong. That will no longer be the case. However, Leong stated that she will continue to raise the children jointly with Li. No word on when or whether she will return to showbiz.
  • And OMG – interview with Park Shi Hoo. Right here. Read it!!!! 😛

sources: popseoul, allkpop, asianfanatic, dramabeans


One thought on “News Bits: 2/28/11 Edition

  1. hi there!

    I’m one of the frequent visitor to your site but rarely leaves comment.
    BUT your take on Hyun Bin and Kim Seung Oh’s tandem of ‘I could watch a comedy show of the two of them as they have their (mis)adventures with the women they love (Ha Ji Won and Yoo In Na).’ >>> BRILLIANT!!!

    if only Korean TV provides weekly comedy show like two and a half men, your idea totally ROCKS!.

    keep up your very informative blog… I enjoyed it. 🙂

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