Daniel Radcliffe on Broadway

Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe sings! And dances! And is on Broadway!

Previews for his musical “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” began today, and I caught the evening showing. Gosh it was amazing! The plot was weak and flimsy, but it wasn’t the draw for the musical. The real draw was Radcliffe. He sang and dance earnestly, and it was amazing to be right up on par with the other veterans and Broadway actors there. He worked hard, and it showed. (I even forgot that he didn’t have a British accent!)

His best moments? Leap frogging over John Larroquette and kicking it like the Rockettes with the other boys.


The musical’s strengths were the choreography (the men’s numbers were the best), and the acting. Every character shined, and no supporting/chorus member was left in the background. I actually enjoyed the supporting actor who played Radcliffe’s nemesis a lot more. Perhaps because it was the first day that the musical was being shown to the public, the energy was high on stage, and you could really tell that it was a thrilling rush for them and they were really having fun. Radcliffe had two major numbers (singing and dancing), and they earned the biggest, longest applause and catcalls. (Of course I yelled my WOOOOH! from afar.)

One complaint: Goddammit – he’s short! He’s about 5’4″-5’5″, as he says in the video clip below. I was part of a very rowdy group of fans from across the street of the theater, and we all kept yelling, “Daniel! Daniel! Harry! Harry! Cross! the! Street! Cross! the! Street!” while muttering amongst ourselves, “Why is he so damn short!?”

I know – ya’ll want pictures. I have them – sorta. Not really. Very dark, and very blurry. Once I have them, I’ll get them up! Pictures are now here! Please forgive the blurriness – I tried my best to sharpen the photos without making it look too horrible, but this is what I get for being absolutely unprepared and carrying only a Blackberry.

Outside the Theater

Outside the Backstage Entrance

The guy circled on the left is Christopher J. Hanke. The guy on the right is Rob Bartlett, who plays a dual role of ‘Head of Mailroom’ and ‘Chairman’ of the company.

Small, I know, but I believe that is Daniel Radcliffe! I know he’s in this photo, I just can’t tell which pale face is his. So I chose the shortest one. (Gosh I’m so mean!)

Daniel Radcliffe leaves via SUV

And here’s an interview with my favorite nemesis, played by Christopher J. Hanke. He’s actually really funny in the musical, and sang the awesomely random piece “Coffee Break” – where he has the last cup of coffee and the entire ensemble goes crazy for it.


2 thoughts on “Daniel Radcliffe on Broadway

  1. I’ve actually seen this musical before in a high school production. (But that high school is famous for its musicals around L.A.)

    This is why I should visit NYC. All the good stuff happens in New York. *pouts* Like Saturday Night LIVE. Emphasis on the LIVE part.

  2. This looks really interesting. Too bad I live on the OTHER side of the country and am totally broke. Darn school loans. At least dramas are still free. Thank goodness.

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