News Bits: 2/24/11 Edition

Who the hell is @StillNotDavid?

I stumbled across him while on Twitter and honest to God I didn’t know who he was – but he looks like he’s got plenty enough of followers… and a penchant for dramas. Anyways – a little research and I dredged up a few facts (or what I think are facts): 1) he’s Korean-Vietnamese-American, 2) he wants to be a K-pop idol, 3) he’s seen You’re Beautiful and Boys Over Flowers, and 4) he thinks he knows girls.


On to the news bits:

  • My Princess is getting the musical treatment. Why am I not surprised. If Goong can be a musical, then so can My Princess! The musical is said to go onstage in March 2012 (a good year from now) so it is still too early to say who will be the leads. I highly doubt it will be Song Seung Hoon and Kim Tae Hee, unless they unleash hidden talents of singing and dancing that we never knew they had because they couldn’t act in the first place, and so why assume more talents?
  • Do you miss Secret Garden? I don’t. But I do miss Secretary Kim, played by Kim Seung Oh. Good for me, he’ll be appearing in episode 15 of Sign. I’m not entirely sure of his character (though he’s probably the killer/culprit due to that crazed looking photo below) but I can’t wait!

  • I’m so sad if this news bit is true: rumor has it that Wu Zun might leave the entertainment industry. (Fahrenheit!?! NOOOOOO!) His contract with his entertainment agency expired at the end of last year and he hasn’t renewed it yet. He followed through with his band’s promotions, but he dropped out of the drama Absolute Boyfriendand film “Summer Holiday 2.” In a way, I say good, he doesn’t have to star with Gu Hye Sun. But I also say, “Noooo my Taiwanese boy don’t go!” He reportedly says that he wishes to spend more time with his family in Brunei and has already done other things (such as opening fitness centers) that indicate that he’s not relying completely on showbiz for money. We’ll see what happens; I personally just hope he takes a mini break, and then makes a good ole’ comeback with a drama and better acting chops.
  • Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye may star in a new drama called Festival, which sounds like Dream High part 2. It’s even by the same broadcaster (MBC). (Dream High is KBS and Festival is MBC). They were offered the roles, and both are still considering it. The drama, which is to air in June, will have a shooting schedule that will conflict with C.N. Blue activities. I vote for no – don’t participate. Really – how many musical dramas must we have this year!? And what about What’s Up!??!
  • Jin Yi Han, the evil cutie of Who Are You?, will take the place of Jun Tae Soo in daily drama All My Love. Thanks to Jun’s misdemeanor, he dropped out of the drama and so Jin will come in to take his place. I hope they don’t mean that Jun’s character got major plastic surgery and became Jin…
  • Meanwhile, Ha Ji Won becomes a beautiful celebrity in a photo spread for ELLE magazine…Not that she wasn’t before…

  • On the other hand, Tae Sun-aka-Lee Jong Suk is looking mighty skinny in his photo spread for Bazaar. Um, dude, I feel so fat now thanks to you. Lee will star in a film with Rain and Shin Se Kyung called “Red Muffler.”

  • Singer Lee Soo Young is now pregnant! She got married in October, and just announced that she is four months pregnant. *Does the math…ah ok, got pregnant during honeymoon?* Funny though – she says, “I wish my honeymoon period lasted longer but I’m so happy over the thought of my soon-to-be-born child that my excitement far exceeds my disappointment.” Haha – that’s what you get for getting a little too excited during your real honeymoon… 😉
  • Lee Joon Hyuk, of I Am Legend, will now star as a prosecutor who falls for Park Min Young’s bodyguard-character in City Hunter. That, of course, makes him a rival to Lee Min Ho. Lee Joon Hyuk’s character is supposed to be an upright, moral prosecutor, so I guess that means Lee Min Ho is the cad… if his character still remains true to the manga. Apparently, instead of taking place in the gritty city streets and being about private investigators a la Runaway, the drama is set in the Blue House, with Lee Min Ho as an international communications team member. Say whut?

source: kpoplive, youtube, newsen, asianfanatics, allkpop, asiae, dramabeans


4 thoughts on “News Bits: 2/24/11 Edition

  1. but Dream High airs on KBS so I dont think Festival would be a sequel…I wish MBC would just pick up What’s Up instead…also Kim SunOh is amazing in Ahjussi as a very scary villain….alos totally loving that Jin Yi Han got the role of Jun Tae Soo in AML….i was gonna drop it but they did themselves justice by picking a better actor in his place

  2. Jung Yong Hwa? Oh please. I’m anticipating Shinhye’s return to Korea as much as the next fan, but if she’s going to be paired with an idol who can’t act, then I’m out.

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