Sign: Episode 8

I am actually way behind – I’ve seen up to episode 12, and am just writing a recap of 8. I’ve forgotten some details, but hey – here’s a gist!


As Ji Hoon distracts the guard by running all over the center, Da Kyung grabs a few shots of the skeleton. However, she gets caught when one of the forensic scientists enters the room. They hear the security guard coming and Da Kyung begs for her to keep silent. She hides behind a cabinet – but it’s a glass cabinet LOL! – and the forensic scientist kindly uses her body to block Da Kyung from the guard’s view. The guard effectively gotten rid of, the forensic scientist introduces herself as Shigano Reiko, and she can speak Korean.

She also knows Yoon Ji Hoon – they studied together – and helps Da Kyung escape. When they all meet outside, Reiko says that if Ji Hoon had asked, she would have let him into the room without causing such a ruckus. They all meet at a cafe and discuss the photos from the scene as well as Da Kyung’s shots of the skeleton (which they project from the camera onto the wall – so cool!). However, Reiko goes a little too far back and sees the photo of Ji Hoon changing out of his pants. It’s SO AWKWARD as they wait for Da Kyung to try and explain (she defensively says she was trying to take a picture of the plant). Surprisingly, Ji Hoon doesn’t yell. I think he’s too shocked to yell. It’s hilarious that Da Kyung tries to cover the projected image, but then Reiko keeps moving it so that they all have a clear view of Ji Hoon changing.

Meanwhile, it’s an awkward meal at the Yi Han Abode. Woo Jin tries to be polite to Yi Han for a change. His father wonders if there’s something between them but she says there isn’t. He’s relieved – she’s too old for his son. Woo Jin wants to know why the father didn’t choose her to be the prosecutor that he brings along to the Supreme Court, and he admits that the prosecutor he chose has the connections he needs. No one can blame the guy for being honest.

Back in Japan, Ji Hoon and Da Kyung visit the cave where the skeleton was found. Going through all the analysis reports, they find that there were traces of a specific flower that doesn’t grow much in Japan now, but was during the forties, when the victim died.

As they head back to do some research, they pass by a place where lovers hang wooden tablets declaring their love. Supposedly, if they hang their names up, they’ll be in love forever. Ji Hoon has no opinion, but Da Kyung thinks it’s all plain silly. They visit the temple beside this place and ask the monk some questions about the area. He shows them an old map of the area in 1941, and points out an old school that used to be an international school for Koreans who lived in Japan. That school grew the plant that they’re looking for.

Now back in Korea – there is still the case of the gangster shooting. While Myung Han is busy making sure it’s well covered up, Ji Hoon’s assistants all have their suspicions. There is no way a gangster can hold a pistol that steady and aim for the head with no formal military experience. However, since they know that Hong Sook Joo (the female scientist good at all chemical/blood sample analyses) is in love with Myung Han, they discuss after she leaves the table. She’s not all gone though – because she waits for Wan Tae to pepper him with questions.

Ji Hoon and Da Kyung visit the school and meet with the principal, who also used to be a student there. They show him a worn photo of the girl, and though he doesn’t remember her at first, he notices a poem that’s next to the photo. He recognizes it and wonders if the girl could be Aki-chan – a classmate who had suffered from tuberculosis and was relentlessly teased. He didn’t remember her much; all he knew was that before he left to fight in the war, someone threw a rock through his window with that poem written on it. He chased after the girl and helped her up when she tripped. The girl had asked him to come back from the war safely, then fled. He didn’t recognize her, but a neighbor passing by said it was Aki-chan.

Meanwhile Ji Hoon and Reiko are having a mini race to figure out who will find the cause of death first. They even bring the old man to see the skeleton and go to the cave. He recognizes the area as one where the students used to go to greet the returning soldiers. Slowly he figures out why Aki-chan was there: back in school she was made fun of and bullied for her hunched back (a result of her TB) and for having TB. He had defended her when she was getting bullied, and she always remembered his kindness. She was at that cave waiting for him to return, and that’s where she finally succumbed. Case solved – she died from natural causes.

Back at work, Yi Han visits Woo Jin at her office and all of a sudden is received with utter politeness. He thinks it’s SO WEIRD and laughs at her, while Woo Jin waits until he’s gone to complain about having to fake her politeness. He catches her leaving the office, and sees her struggle to get into her car (the van next to her is parked too close). He asks for a ride and she makes up the excuse that she has errands to run. He pulls out the “I’m gonna call my father” card, and all of a sudden she’s free!

He’s asking her to bring him to the part of town where his gangster contact, Dong Gu, lives. Dong Gu is also the one who’s taking care of the injured gangster Kim Jong Ho. He had gone back home to get some supplies when he heard Yi Han’s voice and started running. It’s almost like remake of “Slumdog Millionaire” where the kids are running through the buildings and jumping up and down walls. Woo Jin, who’s waiting in the car, sees Yi Han chasing Dong Gu from her rearview mirror and opens her door; Dong Gu slams right into it and collapses.

Yi Han gets him to confess that he’s aiding a “criminal” but Dong Gu insists that Jong Ho didn’t kill anyone – he’s a victim too. The real killer was an American soldier. We get a flashback of the night from his point of view – he had arrived at the bar when he heard the shots. Peeping through the window, he saw one of his gangster buddies shot dead, and Jong Ho injured, with the American soldier standing with a gun. He had hid before the soldier spotted him, and that’s how he got away.

A memorial ceremony is held in a temple for Aki-chan, and that’s where Da Kyung finds out that Ji Hoon wasn’t that big of an asshole back then – especially with his girlfriend. Ji Hoon is back at that lovers wall, and he remembers the time when he came with Woo Jin. He wanted to surprise her with their own wooden plaque and photo, and she was touched by his gesture – except, she was really tired and was studying for her law exams. He went to get her coffee but she had already dozed off on the bench. When he sat next to her, she accidentally pushed a cup of coffee right on his pants – burning hot, yo – and Ji Hoon was so sweet that he didn’t yell or get up. He just let her sleep on his shoulder while wincing in absolute pain.

Da Kyung finds him there and they have a little heart-to-heart talk about loooove. He asks her about the photo of him half-undressed, and Da Kyung just says that she wanted to take it. BWAHAHA – it’s like, she has no other excuse that can sound plausible so she pretends that she missed him so much and just wanted to take a picture of it. And then she runs away. Ji Hoon then takes the photo of him and Woo Jin (the one that was on the wooden plaque) and burns it in the candle.

Yi Hoon and Woo Jin are in Dong Gu’s house now, and they question him about the events that night. They don’t think he’s lying about what happened, and Woo Jin is determined to find out the real culprit of the case now. She doesn’t want to involve Ji Hoon though, and Yi Han picks up on the fact that she may still like him. However, while they’re talking, Dong Gu’s fled.

Da Kyung and Ji Hoon go and have drinks with Reiko, who then tells them she has a friend that’s been dying to meet them. In comes Kang Seo Yeon. She smiles and says she’s so glad to finally meet them. She asks about the Seo Yoon Hyung case and whether he died a spectacular death like he had wanted. Da Kyung and Ji Hoon are suspicious of her, but aren’t sure why. She finally gets up to leave, saying that she needs to catch a flight the next day. When she puts her jacket on near the door, Da Kyung finally recognizes her silhouette from the back.

After having watched countless of security tapes of her camel-colored cape and the way she walked, Da Kyung realizes she’s Seo Yoon Hyung’s killer. It’s crazy that Seo Yeon looks at them as if she knows they know who she is. She and Ji Hoon chase after her through the busy streets and lose her as Seo Yeon grabs a cab, once more eluding capture.


5 thoughts on “Sign: Episode 8

  1. I just start to watch this drama until epi 3… Based on your recap, It seems SIGN is getting better and better each episode. Have you decide to drop My Princess?

  2. Yes, love this show! It gets better and better. It is so well written. My current crack. Am just surprised that not many review this show at all.

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