What’s Up to Premiere in March

AHHHH! Why must 49 Days go head to head with What’s Up?!? Why must the two dramas I want to watch air in March and be so close to each other!!

*checks the date*

Oh woops – they’re not going against each other.

However, What’s Up has been given the heads up to air on March 21 on SBS. (The network I love to hate and hate to love.) It will air on the Monday-Tuesday time slot (49 Days is on the Wednesday-Thursday time slot and starts a week earlier). There have been news that SBS is going to nix the 9pm Monday-Tuesday time slot for dramas, but if What’s Up goes on, then I guess someone must have really begged for another half-a-year’s chance.

I really want to watch this drama. And don’t say I should watch Dream High then – because this is totally different. What’s Up has my two fave Im’s – Im Joo Hwan (Tamra the Island) and Im Joo Eun (Hon). Plus it features actors who can sing – not the other way around (if those singers could even really act).

Here’s to hoping it doesn’t get pushed back even further!


3 thoughts on “What’s Up to Premiere in March


    Hahah, not really. When it went from harmless fun to emo-ville, it became sort of insufferable (more so considering what you just said – DH has only one actor, and the other are pretty stiff to say the least.)

  2. I love Dream high anyways…. despite lack of acting skill among idols…. I Enjoy it ALOT so far. Since I’m such a sucker character growth drama theme. All I care is the story itself… despite it has flaws… I really appreciate the writers to create some good character development in it.

    I believe What’s up would be way more awsome than dream HIGH

    I admit from the start I have high expectation from this show.

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