News Bits: 2/14/11 Edition

It’s Valentine’s Day. Boo. And don’t say I’m being a bitter single – I’m pretty sure I’ll roll my eyes and squirm just as uncomfortably if I weren’t single.

Just like how I would squirm at the prospect of IRIS 2. Jung Tae Won from Taewon Entertainment announced that the drama will air in the winter of 2011, but before that they’re going to do a Korean version of ‘Troy’.

Jung: We have another project planned before the broadcast of ‘Iris 2′, which a lot of people have been showing interest in. I want to try a new blockbuster style that hasn’t been done up until now.

Kaedejun the Reporter: Really?! Will you be paying the medical fees of all the girls who get a heart attack or faint from the shock of hot Korean men dressed up in togas and minimal gladiator armor?

Jung: Viewers can consider it the Korean version of ‘Troy,’ as the drama is centered around maritime warfare.

Kaedejun the Reporter: Boooooooo. Are you trying to be Poseidon? *dumps microphone and stomps away from interview*

Anyways – getting back on track, the script for the Korean ‘Troy’ isn’t done yet and so it hasn’t even been casted yet. But of course I’m sure we’ll see four Hallyu stars, at least one idol star, at least two relative unknowns but you’ve seen in every drama as a supporting role, and at least Kim Gab Soo. Maybe.

Jung also did not confirm whether the cast of IRIS will return, since it depends on the script, but he is planning to do a sequel for Athena. Expect our questions to not be answered. (More details here.)

  • Park Shin Yang is a lucky dude – he got some Valentine’s Day chocolates from costar Kim Ah Joong and he posted up the pic (seen above) on his twitter account. Oh I’m not jealous at all. Nuh-uh. That scrumptious little white chocolate marble ain’t tempting me at all!
  • The two of them also had an interview (which you can read here) with asiae about Sign. In a gist, the both of them said that despite the grueling schedule, they’re more interested in making a high quality drama that they can all be proud of, rather than a drama that just has high ratings. When asked about the switch in production crew (original director Jang Hang Joon moved to scriptwriting to make a more solid storyline), they said that new director Kim Hyung Sik helped make a smooth transition. Kim also looks up to Park in real life, as he has been teaching her a lot and discussing how to act with her. She feels that she’s beginning to better understand the weight of her role. Park also mentioned that he wouldn’t be surprised if he and Kim got together in the end. As for their most memorable scenes, Kim remembers the most her time with serial killer Choi Jae Hwan, while Park remembers his scenes in episodes 11-12 (which dealt with the death of his father).
  • Jin Akanishi is going to collaborate with Jason Derulo for his debut US single, and then release his full album in the fall. I can hear it now… (to the tune of “In My Head”) “Jasooon Deruuuulooo~ yeah! JIN. AKANISHI. yeahh!~”
  • Lee Hong Ki will be in a new drama!! A Japanese one though. He is cast in “Muscle girl!” opposite Ichikawa Yui, and it starts in April. Lee Hong Ki is already pretty popular in Japan since his group FT Island has released a lot of Japanese singles and an album there.

source: allkpop, dramabeans, asiae, asianfanatics


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