Photos from the Set of 49 Days

OK it’s about time I give this drama some lovin’. I’m fully intent on watching this drama because I have become a huge fan of the writer, So Hyun Kyung. In all honesty though, the poster itself is not very appealing, and I seriously do hope they will change it. But I will put in my faith in the cast and writer. Photos include Lee Yo Won (looking a lot like Nam Gyu Ri, so let me know if I’m wrong), Bae Soo Bin, Jung Il Woo, and Bae Soo Bin proposing to Nam Gyu Ri with flowers. Or maybe he’s just presenting her some as a Valentine’s Day gift.

sources: soompi 1, 2, sbs cafe,


15 thoughts on “Photos from the Set of 49 Days

  1. They SERIOUSLY need to change the boy’s hairstylists – those are just so damn awful. WHAT IN HELL IS THAT HAIR JUNG IL WOO?!

    Other than that, count me in 49 Days’ bandwagon (even when I’m not expecting nothing fantabulous 😛 ).

    Do you have any information that confirms if Bae Soo Bin is performing his trademark Bae Soo Bin second male lead act or if he’s finally getting the girl here?

    • Typo – boys’, and my question-rant about their hairstyles is weirdly constructed but you know… It’s Grammar Free Friday.

      Heh, sorry.

    • HAHAHA – i know. i winced at the hair too, cept it’s appeared so many times already that i’m no longer surprised they give the young male actors that kind of hairdo.

      i don’t think BSB is going to be his trademarked second-male-lead-nice-guy character. i think he’s supposed to be the second-male-lead-with-selfish-intentions character.

      • Hahaha, poor BSB… Korean writers love making him suffer, because, let’s be honest, even if he’s a bit creepy or selfish, he’ll pine for the girl. Unless he’s homicidal and stuff (maybe he could’ve staged the car crash that left his fianceé in a coma!!!).

        Damn, until now, I had never realized how much we needed more psychotic second leads in kdramas. Stop it with the angsty, and bring those I’ll-go-to-the-deepest-pits-in-hell-to-make-you-feel-miserable-for-not-choosing-me… Bitch!

        Anyway, I’m wondering how they’ll deal with the dead girl and the very-much-alive-but-possessed girl…?

  2. hehe true that! though i think that a character like that appeared in Angel’s Temptation, usually that role is reserved for the second-female-lead, no? man – i wonder if he’ll really be evil, or if he’ll have a change of heart… >.<"

    i think lee yo won will play both roles, but i bet there will be instances of something like the magical veil where nam gyu ri appears. maybe possessed-lee yo won is crossing the street and then a bus passes by her, and suddenly we see nam gyu ri crossing the street instead… anyways – i'm going to enjoy the hijinks and love triangle that might ensue from the misunderstandings of being in possessed/non-possessed states. 😀

  3. I’m so excited to see Jung Il-woo back in a drama — honestly, Take Care of the Young Lady was such a waste of talent for all involved, but after his amazing performance in Return of Iljimae, I was particularly sickened by what the writers did to his poor character. Here’s hoping these writers treat him better. And the stylists give him better hair. He needs his Mane of Glory from RoI back. kkkk

  4. its not just Jung Il Woo’s hair though!….why is Bae Soo Bin going all Justin Beiber ?…first Binnie now him…..I personally think that hair is better off on well…Justin Bieber than anyone else…that said the whole cast here looks adorable…cant wait for March

  5. It’s true tho, why can’t the men have men hair, not ahjumma or biebers hair. Ugh. Jung Ilwoo, I can’t forgive your constant fascination with half perm do.

  6. usually in SO Hyung Kyung’s drama, a person who have the weirdest hair will become a jerk/bad personality first, and gradually will change become a better person as it proggress. maybe this time, too? haha

  7. Yep, that’s Nam Gyu Ri in all of the pics. I guess they have yet to release any stills of Lee Yo Won? And I’m looking forward to this too.

  8. Honestly why can’t BSB ever be the lead and get a happy endin. As for the hair styles completely agree that its hideous. think short spiked hair looks reall nice on BSB similar to the style on shining inheritance.

    looking forward to watchin this though 🙂 xx

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