News Bits: 2/9/11 Edition

OK  – I will admit, Kahi looks pretty smokin’ hot. News of her solo album began way back last year, but now she’s finally showing more of her solo album with the cover.  Her solo album will be released on February 14.

  • Another girl group member released a singlef(x)’s Krystal sang the title track for the OST of Sign called “Because of Me.” It’s actually nice, despite not really matching the general tone of the drama. I don’t think the drama is veering towards the melodrama just yet; I just finished watching episode 10 and the mysteries are still there. The tension with Lee Myung Han is ridiculous and I’m pretty sure the secrets are just about to spill out because he looks like he’s going to burst soon. Yoon Ji Hoon and Go Da Kyung’s relationship has been improving, and Jung Woo Jin is not as hateful as she was in the first episode. I’m getting used to her, and secretly cheering for her and Choi Yi Han – the two of them are so cute in front of Yi Han’s father.
  • By the way, episode 11 of Sign reached amazingly high ratings: 19.2% (AGB Nationwide), or 17.2% (TNS Nationwide).
  • Had enough of Changmin speaking English yet? He does a small shout out to his fans and to Dramafever, Dramabeans, and Allkpop, and all for his drama Paradise Ranch.
  • Yoon Eun Hye once again proves she’s a strong gal. She challenged her director for her film “My Mini Black Dress” to a wrestling match. Park Sun Joo had tweeted a photo of Yoon tripping the director and grabbing his waist. Clearly she won. I think. I hope. Ah – I’d put my money on her anyways.

  • Kim So Yeon stated in a recent interview that she was very thankful and happy at being part of Athena, since its predecessor was the drama that made her a bona fide star. She only appears for 10 minutes in episode 17, supposedly, but made a deep impression with the viewers. (No kidding!) She appears in the finale episode and was nicknamed “Finale’s Heroine.” In perspective, it’s kinda sad if all it takes for the drama to pick up in ratings is her, and she’s not even the main character.
  • Good stuff for Big Bang fans: their Uniqlo T-shirts went on sale on February 5th and were a big hit. 1,200 people lined up the night before to get their hands on the shirt in the Harajuku store. It set a record for highest sales in one day for an item. So uh – will it be sold in the States? Big Bang also arrived in the States to film a music video for their upcoming album, which will be released in late February.

source: allkpop, dramafever, asiae, asianfanatics, soompi


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