Photos of Kim So Yeon’s Athena Cameo


Anyways – you can just read this non-spoilery tidbit if that suits you just fine – Kim So Yeon will appear in episode 17 of ATHENA, which for me means one thing:


Ya’ll know that I’m one-half of the duo called “Kim So Yeon Recappers” so I mean, the cameo appearances was bound to happen – and it couldn’t come any sooner! Heck, I just realized I’m recapping/summarizing Queen of Reversals, where Ma Hye Ri made a script cameo. So as we all know, her character Sun Hwa has started a completely new life in New Zealand, and there were mentions of the country in at least three episodes preceding it. She reunites/joins forces with Kim Ki Soo (Kim Min Jong) to protect her family.

I am telling you – you do NOT want to read on unless you want to be spoiled – I spare no visuals.

Now on to the spoilers –

Looks like her family was attacked and killed in their own home by the North Koreans in order to “reawaken” the killer inside of her.

Also, Chul Young (Kim Seung Woo) may or may not have had something to do with it. o_O I personally think the Chul Young of Athena is way more ruthless and power-hungry than the Chul Young of IRIS, but that just might be me.

source: dramabeans, nate 1, 2, 3, soompi


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