One Year’s Old!

One of the reasons I started blogging

OMG! I totally missed it, but on February 5th, I officially turned 1 years old!

I opened up the blog a year ago thanks to my wish to keep ranting and raving about K-dramas when I wasn’t doing recaps for dramabeans (of whom I’m eternally thankful for. And yes, Athena recaps are coming up!)

I’ve got to say, I think this post might be a marked improvement from my very first – haha – but it’s still as basic and generic. I just want to thank all the people who are reading it! And for the people who comment! And the people who show their love for Jang Geun Suk! And for all the people who love Kim So Yeon! And for all the new friends I’ve made through this site – trust me, ya’ll are awesome!

*kaedejun’s mouth is muffled for sounding like an Oscar winner much*

Speaking of which, who’s gonna watch the Oscars?! I need time to watch some of the Oscar films nominated, and get some American films in my system…



5 thoughts on “One Year’s Old!

  1. Happy One Year’s Old, Kae! ❤

    Time sure flies, doesn't it? I'm sure you'll continue to rant and rave in the future. Looking forward to more posts from ya!

  2. Owww, have a merry first anniversary, hon!

    Sadly, the Oscars tend to be a little too boring, but I’m definitely watching the nominated movies – at least to rant later about how disappointing they are, hahahaha (I’ve never agreed with the Academy’s choices ¬¬)

    Good news for ya! Kim So Yeon is apparently showing up in episode 17. And guess who’s recapping that? You, haha, congrats, your oh-so-waited moment arrived!

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