News Bits: 2/7/11 Edition

Check out Changmin! I ranted about him being in ATHENA, but I will grant him this: at least he looks the part. Are you sure he’s not working for Athena, rather than NIS?

  • Taecyeon is another star who doesn’t like the easy way out. He gave up his American citizenship so that he could serve in the Korean military and he took an eye exam that placed him eligible only for public service duties. That’s a position that some celebrities end up getting and I think it’s more of a desk job than it is an active duty job. However, Taecyeon said he will get corrective eye surgery so that he can be on active duty. Everyone around him discouraged him, but he’d rather take the hard way than easy way out.
  • This was news to me: singer G.NA actually did not have breast enhancement surgery. She’s a natural D-cup (DD-cup pre-weight loss). She’s my hero – for being that bit less fake about her. She’s curvy and has finally embraced it, as seen in this interview, but she refuses to use her body as a way to become more famous.
  • Girlfriday’s review of Queen of Reversals has got me pumped! I’m totally continuing – but in fast forward!
  • It has been confirmed that High Kick season three will air in the fall. No word on who’s cast in it, as casting wil only begin in March-April. Same director though! (Kim Byung Wook.)

source: allkpop, dramabeans, asiae


One thought on “News Bits: 2/7/11 Edition

  1. Changmin does look pretty hot in that getup. If they’re signing up boy band idols, can I go work there? ^_~ Siwon is still my favorite, though. Thanks for sharing the pretty!

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