Changmin and Kim Seung Woo Casting News

Two mega shockers:

1) Kim Seung Woo is dropping out of Crime Squad alongside Song Il Gook.

2) Changmin (of Paradise Ranch) is joining the cast of ATHENA.


OK first, Kim Seung Woo – I love the guy. I seriously do. First “ahjussi” crush in the K-drama world for me. So I’m disappointed to see him dropping out of Crime Squad. Not that I was going to watch it, but it’d have been nice…

Despite having shot promo stills for the drama, he hasn’t shot any of his scenes yet. Nevertheless, it’s quite late in the game, and the reason given is “personal reasons.” I really wonder what the story is behind that one, but anyways, he’ll be replaced by Lee Jong Hyuk (Chuno), who is a good actor but also resembles (slightly) Song Il Gook.

Now as for Changmin -he will join the cast for episodes 16-20 as a nuclear bomb specialist in the NIS. Changmin? Really? The innocent looking boy who doesn’t look a day over nineteen and can’t act? The same one from Paradise Ranch who has the same sneer all the time and likes to yell at Lee Yeon Hee for no reason? Really?

Is this going to be another Denise Richards-as-a-nuclear-scientist-in-a-James-Bond film redux?

I know in IRIS there was the baby faced computer hacker Hyun Seok, but he was a computer hacker!! I expect my computer hackers in movies/dramas to be a) cute/adorable and b) nerdy! I do not expect nuclear bomb specialists to be like that!

But fine, I’ll give the chap a chance.

source: dramabeans, allkpop


One thought on “Changmin and Kim Seung Woo Casting News

  1. hahahahahaha!…..Changmin in ATHENA!…cant wait to see how that goes….PR has a decent secondary cast but i cant stand the leads for the life of me

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