Sign: Episode 7

Ahhh! What will happen?! Will Da Kyung be killed?! (Duhhh – no. She’s the main character!) Will Ji Hoon have his revenge against Myung Han!? (Now THERE’S the question.) Will Yi Han get the girl!? (Huh? I think it’s too early to talk about that…)

These episodes were the ones that beat My Princess in ratings last week. While I’m not entirely sure why, these episodes were pretty good. The director-writer team is pretty good in giving us new cases every time, as well as an overarching mystery. Everything gets developed, bit by bit.

This is a summary, so it’ll be a little out of order…

Ji Hoon is racing to find Da Kyung when he gets a call from one of his doctors. They found a metallic element in the tires of the truck; it is very possible that the killer went to a metal factory. He has his team search for the nearest one and swerves off-road towards that factory.

Meanwhile, Da Kyung is running and trying to escape Sook Hyun. He catches her and they struggle for a bit before she finally heads for the road, and he heads for his truck. He guns after her and Da Kyung’s quick zig zags help keep her out of the way of the lumbering truck. She notices that the police are finally arriving and she allows herself to stand right in front of his path. Sook Hyeon speeds towards her, with no care of the fact that the police are fifty feet away, when suddenly a car slams into him from out of nowhere. Sook Hyun’s head slams into the side of the truck; he’s knocked out. The truck is just barely a foot away from Da Kyung.

The police arrive and Yi Han makes the arrest. Trembling, Da Kyung looks inside the car that saved her, but no one is in the driver’s seat. Suddenly she hears a familiar voice: “Are you OK?” It’s Ji Hoon, and he stands there worriedly. He’s clearly fine, since it was his car that rammed into Sook Hyun’s, but he was able to get out of his car mostly unscathed. Da Kyung falls into his arms and sobs heavily.

Ji Hoon is awkward, but at least he doesn’t push her away. Yi Han drapes a blanket around Da Kyung and winks at Ji Hoon for his good timing. And Ji Hoon kindly hugs Da Kyung as she sobs her heart out. SO SWEET! I love that the Shouter has become the Savior.

They end up in the hospital in beds next to each other, when suddenly her dad bursts in ready to beat her. Yeah, the NFS is a hospital ain’t it? Yeah, she’s totally safe at work and not at risk to get kidnapped by a serial killer. Da Kyung tries hiding behind Ji Hoon while he tries to stop the father from beating her up. The father finally breaks down in tears, saying that he doesn’t want to lose his daughter like this. Da Kyung tearfully says that it’s something she has to do, and she won’t give up her job ever.

As for the team members of the Southern Branch, they’re totally expecting a promotion or a bonus or an entry back into the NFS headquarters after successfully solving the case. However, Myung Han comes in and congratulates them for doing their work properly. And then he leaves. Bwaha – I actually enjoyed the humbling of one of the three stooges – Wan Tae – because he’s always wanting more than he ought to get.

Anyways, with the case finished, Woo Jin is put on probation for allowing the serial killer go free, and Yi Han is put on probation for putting Da Kyung in the same car as the killer. Woo Jin whiles her way playing on those little arcade machines when Yi Han finds her. He invites her for some barbecue and leads her up to a rooftop home – his home. He apparently can cook the best barbecue, and no way is he going to spend money when he can’t even work.

Thing is, an old man comes out of his apartment with two garbage bags complaining how messy Yi Han is. It’s Yi Han’s dad – and he’s also the chief prosecutor (aka, Woo Jin’s boss).

As for Ji Hoon versus Myung Han, Ji Hoon meets the Vice Minister with Myung Han. The Vice Minister thinks that Ji Hoon should go back to NFS headquarters and take up a special case in Japan. Ji Hoon refuses; the Southern Branch is lacking in people and resources, so he can’t just go to Japan freely. Privately Myung Han promises to bring the whole team back to NFS headquarters as a reward (which is what Ji Hoon wanted) and in return, Ji Hoon must go to Japan for the case of the Korean skeleton.

Meanwhile, Kang Joong Hyuk has been nominated for presidency and his life is coming up in roses (aside from having a killer daughter). On the same night he is announcing his presidential run, a shooting occurs in a seedy bar. Myung Han meets with Kang in a private tea house and is told that a body of a gangster will be coming into NFS soon. He is to make sure the autopsy declares that the man was killed in a gang fight by another member. Nothing more, nothing less. It is imperative since there will be a three-party-talks soon between Korea and US and Japan.

If that is the case, Myung Han needs to send Ji Hoon to Hiroshima, Japan a little earlier than planned. He also has Da Kyung go with him (much to Ji Hoon’s annoyance). When the body arrives, Myung Han has his assistant Dr. Joo do the autopsy. One of Ji Hoon’s team members (I always forget the name) stumbles upon the autopsy and finds the cause of death weird based on what he saw of the body.

Ji Hoon’s minions are everywhere!!

As for Japan, Da Kyung is excited to take pictures of everything – from the flowers to the trees to Ji Hoon undressing. That was a mistake though – she was actually trying to take a picture of the plant outside his room’s window, but instead Ji Hoon in his boxers is the picture she snapped. 😀

They meet their liaison in Japan, who tells them that the Japanese will be handling the investigation. Pretty much all Ji Hoon has to do is sign off on it. Da Kyung protests – it’s a Korean skeleton, a Korean body, so why can’t the Korean’s investigate too? Not settling for just a simple sign-off, Ji Hoon and Da Kyung head over to the forensics center. While Ji Hoon distracts the guard by running all over the place, he has Da Kyung sneak into the room where the body is being held. She’s spotted by another forensic scientist there, but Da Kyung manages to grab a few photos of the skeleton.

Meanwhile, at a shooting range in the US army base camp a soldier practices with his gun. His shots are all on mark, and his superior commends him. When the soldier salutes, traces of blood are found on his sleeve. He brushes it off as having injured himself, but in reality – he’s the one who killed the gangster that night.

Hence – the cover up, because word of a US soldier killing a Korean civilian would have caused quite the uproar.

I love it – another serial killer on the loose! OK – he’s not a serial, but still – killer on the loose!


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