Queen of Reversals: Episode 10

I listened to all of you saying that it’ll get better, so I’m still watching.

As for this episode, well, at least it moved fast. But my gripe is that there weren’t enough Yong Shik-Kang Woo scenes. I guess I can’t have it both ways.

Yong Shik successfully prevents Tae Hee from witnessing the worst. Jun Soo pushes Yeo Jin away and says that he only stole the idea because he wants to be successful to his wife and a good father. He’s pretty much closed the door to Yeo Jin, but she won’t let up. I’m REALLY hating her and I’m only watching to see her get her comeuppance. They all bump into each other and have a drink. Yeo Jin brings up the topic of first loves and how men can never get over their first love. Yong Shik doesn’t know anything about that (because he never had one – he was always someone else’s – LOL!) but he knows that no man should give up everything he has for that first love. Jun Soo is mighty uncomfortable with that.

Presentation time – Jun Soo presents and the Special Planning team realizes they’ve been cheated. Tae Hee announces that she won’t present their idea since it’s the same, and Song Yi bristles with constrained glee. Everyone wonders who could possibly have leaked their idea and only Yong Shik thinks it could be Jun Soo. After all, Tae Hee had the final file. Suspicion falls on Young Chul and Tae Hee goes to find him. However, she finds him looking over papers about his disease, and she realizes that he’s dying.

Young Chul has a heartfelt conversation with his daughter, which tears Tae Hee’s heart apart. They talk, and Young Chul asks that she keep it a secret from the others. Even if it makes him a burden to the team, he needs to stay at work so that he can at least leave his children some money. Tae Hee reveals that she’s Young Chul’s guardian angel (!!!!!) and so will keep it for him.

Heading home, Tae Hee tells Jun Soo that she’s so grateful he’s healthy and with her. It just makes Jun Soo feel that much more guilty, and when she asks him about the presentation, he has no answer. It’s only when they’re near their home that he admits he stole it. The whole, Tae Hee had not believed that he could have stolen it, but Jun Soo says he did. He did it so that he could beat Yong Shik. Tae Hee says he should have thought of her and the team – all of them wanted to win and keep their jobs, and Jun Soo’s easy answer is for her to quit. She’s uber UBER pissed at him and that all he cares about is beating Yong Shik by cheating. But at least he fessed up. Yeo Jin wouldn’t have.

Yong Shik invites Song Yi out for a drink. It’s actually a bribe – he wants her to investigate the matter of the two presentations being stolen. Song Yi has no choice but to agree, and he says that he has faith she will investigate fairly. The next day, Tae Hee apologizes to the team for the idea being leaked. She didn’t give it to her husband, but she wouldn’t say that Jun Soo stole it (even when someone asks) so she just takes the blame. She didn’t guard the idea closely enough, and she was arrogant to think that she had to do everything herself. Her own pride got in the way – and I think if she had trusted her team more, the idea wouldn’t have been solely in her hands.

Yong Shik can’t stand her apologies and asks to see her outside. He brings her to his office, and though he sounded angry, he’s actually not. He felt bad because she was crying in front of everyone (and really, it tugged at all her team members’ heartstrings even though they were mad at her). He tells her that no one ever came into his awesome sound-proofed room. She can cry in here instead, and he leaves – LOL.

But he comes back to hand her a handkerchief. Though she said she wasn’t going to need the room, she takes the handkerchief and shuts the door. HAHA!

Song Yi calls in Yeo Jin and Jun Soo and tells him that no matter what happens, he had no idea what happened with the presentation. (Too late, Tae Hee knows.) She also invites Tae Hee and Yong Shik over (but later), and Tae Hee’s brought over cakes. Yong Shik asks if she can share that – he didn’t bring anything himself. They’re all surprised at seeing each other for this dinner. The purpose? Song Yi’s way of asking for what happened with the presentations. She targets Tae Hee – did Tae Hee see the presentation from R&D team? Tae Hee says no.

Jun Soo is asked next, and this time he struggles to answer. Tae Hee knows the real answer, and despite being told to not say anything, Jun Soo admits he did it. WOOHOO! Yeo Jin and Song Yi are shocked, but Yeo Jin recovers: even though he’s responsible, the person who let the idea get stolen is also responsible right? (That makes no sense – not like the person ASKED to be robbed!) But then Jun Soo says he did it by himself – he will take the complete fall. OH MY GOD. Song Yi’s mouth is so twisted.

Yong Shik offers another solution – another presentation face-off. Same presenters. Song Yi agrees – since this is her way out. When they all leave, Yong Shik asks for a private word with Jun Soo, and that means Tae Hee asks Yeo Jin for a ride home. Tae Hee wants to know if it’s really all Jun Soo’s actions. She thinks that Yeo Jin may have put him up to it. As for Yong Shik and Jun Soo – Yong Shik punches Jun Soo right in the face! And Jun Soo punches Yong Shik right back. Woohoo! Yong Shik says he’s pissed that Tae Hee would even cover up for her husband at work, and that Jun Soo was caught kissing Yeo Jin. That shuts Jun Soo up, even though it’s a misunderstanding.

Back home, Tae Hee thanks Jun Soo for telling the truth in front of Song Yi. She had considered quitting, but decided not to just to let him win. She challenges him – they’ll both work hard to beat each other and they will play fairly. She kicks him off his seat on the swings, and though she hasn’t forgiven him at least they have the air cleared between them.

Song Yi says that she’s disappointed that he didn’t keep their promise but since he didn’t try to blame others, she’ll give him another chance. However, he has to win the second round no matter what, and he can do it with whatever means and methods he’d like.

Kang Woo gives a sniffling Yong Shik some medicine and tells him to go home. But Yong Shik refuses – he has a meeting in the afternoon. Kang Woo: Are you really the same hyung I know? Though Yong Shik says he needs to work hard, Kang Woo says he’s taking the afternoon off to show around some friends. Yong Shik: You’re leaving me here alone?

Kang Woo tells him to just listen and go home – stop being so troublesome. HAHAHA – the secretary giving the orders!

The team is back at work and things are going smoothly – but Yong Shik didn’t show up. He’s in his office, trying to recover from his cold after taking medicine. When Tae Hee goes to drop off the team’s plan, she realizes that he’s got a fever. Just before she leaves for the day, she drops off his handkerchief and puts a cooling patch on his forehead. He wakes up, and though he has a funny Pucca patch on his forehead, he accepts it. They leave together, and though she wonders whether he wants to keep Pucca on his forehead, he thinks it’s cool. In fact, she’s more embarrassed for him than he is.

She notices his cut lip and comments that her husband must be better at fighting. When they get on the elevator, Jun Soo and Yeo Jin are in there too. Jun Soo recognizes the patch – it’s usually on So Ra! TEEHEE! Yeo Jin asks for Jun Soo to make a dinner reservation tomorrow (business related) and Jun Soo says he will, but won’t attend. Tomorrow’s his wedding anniversary. AWWW how sweet.

At the dinner, Jun Soo apologizes for making her life difficult and is about to keep going when he’s continually interrupted by Yeo Jin’s calls. It gets to a point where he has to get up and talk to Yeo Jin. Suddenly, Yeo Jin’s college classmate barges right in and says that Tae Hee shouldn’t live like that; that guy already has a woman to marry. Tae Hee’s confused and tries to explain but the girl says Jun Soo was supposed to marry Yeo Jin.

Again, meh – but OK – things moved fast. And really? Another presentation?

I also hate meddlesome friends – but I hate liars even more. (ahem* Yeo Jin*ahem)


3 thoughts on “Queen of Reversals: Episode 10

  1. Ok, I don’t know if I could forgive it. As much as she nags, this kind of betrayal (the woman compounded with the thievery) is definitely too much. Divorce the sucker! What was I thinking in that last post? Maybe I wasn’t…

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