Happy Lunar News Bits! 2/3/11 Edition

Happy Lunar New Year! 新年快乐,恭禧发财! (My inner China Girl just came out right there…)

Anyways! Who’s got more resolutions?! On January 1, I made the resolution the live it up more and have fun, but on February 3 I’m making the resolution to work hard and watch more dramas! (The second resolution sounds contradictory, but actually it’s not :P) So here’s to catching up on My Princess and watching oldies but goodies that I missed.

Also – it’s the Year of the Rabbit, and to celebrate it, DramaFever is holding another contest. They had a Secret Garden one that I didn’t get to win (boo) but I tweeted for this one. T-shirt looks mighty cute! And I looooooooove bunnies! Details are here.

  • Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean drama production comes to a halt. Kim Ah Joong ordered a buffet for the 100 staff members of Sign since all of them would be putting aside their holiday plans to work on the series. The drama has already reached its halfway point (ep 10 out of 20) and Kim kindly said, “Producer Jang Han Joon who has led the production up to the 10th episode, and to all the other staff members, thank you.”
  • Chun Jung Myung is so excited to be in a historical drama for the first time – he learned kendo, riding horses, and went to action school for his role. So – here are a few photos from the drama’s press conference! Featuring Han Ji Hye and Lee Sang Yoon.

source: allkpop, asiae


One thought on “Happy Lunar News Bits! 2/3/11 Edition

  1. Happy Chinese New Year, chingu! ❤ May you have a wonderful rabbit year! Let's hope that we'll be able to have more drama discussions in the year to come!

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