Wilber Pan and Nichkhun’s MV

I was half-right about the roles. Wilber Pan is the DJ while Nichkhun is the main guy who becomes interested in the girl. However, based on the song it seems that Pan is interested in the girl too but he lets his buddy hit on her. The two of them get into a fight outside a cafe (where they have bubble tea!) and the girl comes by with napkins to help them clean up.

Pan starts texting her too, and the two friends realize they’re kinda going for the same girl. And she’s kinda playing them by forcing the two of them to fight over her. So what do they choose to do?

Bros before ho’s dude.

I would have liked the music video better if it weren’t trying so hard to fill up air time. The song stops to highlight when the girl gives them napkins outside the club, but that scene was already shown earlier when the music was playing – they’re clearly reusing shots, and I don’t like that.

I like the song though!

source: allkpop


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