Queen of Reversals: Episode 9

Let me preface this by saying that this episode made me want to drop this series. I’m serious. I’ll explain later, but, Kang Woo and Yong Shik would then do something so random that it makes me burst out into laughter and fall in love again. I hate those two.

Look at how they walk – so similarly, like two peas in a pod.

Tae Hee is pissed off and embarrassed that of all people, it’s her husband behind the screen and that he lied to her. His “friend’s mother” was actually Yeo Jin’s mother. she takes him outside for a talk and asks why he must lie and be with her. Jun Soo defends himself, saying that he was meeting Yeo Jin for work purposes when her mother passed away, and so he was just helping a former boss.

Yeo Jin comes out to affirm this, but it’s all still too suspicious – because what “work purposes” could they possibly have? Turns out, he’s been invited back for a job, and on top of that Song Yi has just arrived to speak with him. Tae Hee goes back home, silenced, while everyone else is wondering why on earth it has to be Jun Soo who’s invited back to Queens Foods. When he says goodbye to Yeo Jin, her old classmate comes and greets him, thinking that the two are still a couple and will get married. Before Jun Soo can respectfully refute this, Yeo Jin says, “We will (get married soon)” and shoos her friend inside. I hate Yeo Jin – she never tries to clear up misunderstandings whenever Tae Hee isn’t around.

At home, Tae Hee tells him that she’ll give him Sora’s education fund for him to start his business. She had intended to give it to him the day before, so it’s not like she’s trying to prevent him from going back to work. However, Jun Soo takes it the wrong way and returns to work, much to no one’s enthusiasm except for Yeo Jin.

There’s a company workshop coming up that will also have the two teams – R&D and Special Projects – presenting their ideas for a new diet pill. Everyone has to work overtime since all the research resources are being taken up by R&D, forcing even Ki Ppeum to skip her skin care appointment. However, Tae Hee gets a call that she’s supposed to attend her grandfather-in-law’s memorial. She begs Jun Soo to call his mom and say that both can’t make it, since Jun Soo is to present the R&D team’s idea. However, once on the phone, Jun Soo flakes; while he gets the reprieve, Tae Hee is forced to go.

Of course, Ki Ppeum smushes it right back in her face about attending to personal matters.

Song Yi sees Yong Shik at the gym and says that the R&D team has been working on it for much longer than his team; could they possibly think they will win? Yong Shik’s mindset is set in drama land – everything he thinks up and all his comebacks to Song Yi are things that we, the audience, would think when we’re watching a predictable K-drama. He says that it would be so much better if his team, the underdog, finishes in first. They would work that much harder to beat Song Yi’s team.

Song Yi meets with both Jun Soo and Yeo Jin in her office – she wants Jun Soo to spy on his wife’s ideas and see if it’s similar to Yeo Jin’s team’s presentation. They make it sound like it’s all in the name of research, and Jun Soo rejects it at first. However, Song Yi guilts him into thinking that because he “can’t do it,” he’ll never be able to do it. So when Tae Hee comes home late after the memorial and pulls an all-nighter working on the presentation, Jun Soo tries to sneak a peek at her work. She always manages to accidentally catch him and prevent him from seeing her work; she’d either wake up from her nap, or take the laptop with her to the bathroom because her best ideas come out when she does her business.

On a side note – while Tae Hee heads home carrying a huge metal pot of stew (made by her mother-in-law for Jun Soo’s tummy only), she bumps into Yong Shik on his bike. He initially drives off after saying hi, but eventually comes back and offers to help her lug it. It’s immensely heavy, and by the time they reach near her building he asks what on earth he’s carrying. She says it’s stew for Jun Soo. He drops it and says she can carry it the rest of the way, and then leaves. So cute.

Anyways – Jun Soo eventually manages to steal Tae Hee’s presentation (printing it early in the morning while she’s out at the market) and gives it to Yeo Jin and Song Yi. Song Yi knows that their idea is way better because Tae Hee’s approach is to promote healthy hormones, rather than make another diet pill that has negative effects. She orders Yeo Jin to adjust the R&D presentation.

They all arrive at the retreat for the company workshop and Yeo Jin steals Jun Soo away for a “talk.” Tae Hee looks at them worriedly, but is whisked away by Yong Shik. Jun Soo watches this worriedly. They all play a guardian angel game (the name you draw out is the person you’re supposed to either give a gift to or watch over during the weekend). Of course, Jun Soo and Yeo Jin get each other, and Tae Hee and Yong Shik get each other.

They all climb a hill that Song Yi has made into a tradition; at the top of the hill they are all to release all their greed and emotions and become the best person they can be. All bullshit of course, but the team who reaches the top first gets $1000 and the team that loses has to cook dinner. Yong Shik and Jun Soo have a petty rivalry and stray off the beaten path to race to the top the REALLY DIFFICULT way. Yeo Jin’s team wins though, because Young Chul had to return back down; his liver was giving him lots of problems.

The two teams drink and eat with their own teams – never mixing – and finally Yeo Jin gives Jun Soo the new presentation in an empty lounge. He realizes that it’s been changed to exactly what Tae Hee’s presentation was and is horrified. However, Yeo Jin says that her only skill is stealing from others and admits that as Jun Soo’s guardian angel, there is only one thing she wants to do with him.

Yong Shik, meanwhile is making his way up to the lounge drunkenly. He catches the tail end of the conversation and sees Yeo Jin grab Jun Soo into a kiss.

Tae Hee is coming towards them, looking for her husband. Yong Shik freaks out and prevents her from seeing the scene, saying that he wants to talk about the project. She says later. He swivels her around (so her back is to Jun Soo and Yeo Jin) and drags her off. His first act as her guardian angel.

I think Park Shi Hoo is master of wrist-grabs.

Now to my scathing, rambling rant:

Here’s why Jun Soo and Tae Hee don’t work – they’re both too selfish. They only think about themselves, and while both are at fault, Tae Hee has better reason to be selfish. She’s more talented, more fair, and understands the business better. Jun Soo is a weak follower and pretty dull; he’s easy to manipulate because all you have to say is “it’s Yong Shik’s fault” and he’ll do whatever you say, thinking you’re on his side. And then he acts like he’s more important and that his responsibilities are so much greater.

I REALLY hate Jun Soo. Like – really hate him. He’s more spineless and easily manipulated than I’d thought. While I know I’m supposed to dislike Yeo Jin, I dislike Jun Soo more. He’s so maddening.

I also hate business politics. It’s why I refuse to work in a corporation, or why I hate competition within a company. Company vs. Company is fine for me – person vs. person is fine. However, when it’s department vs. department within a company I get more annoyed. I hope Yeo Jin eventually gets a conscience, because at one point, Tae Hee talks to her about stealing ideas rather than developing new ones. (This is when Tae Hee realizes R&D produced her V-line Pack without her knowledge.) I had hoped that Yeo Jin would get a guilty conscience from that conversation, but she went ahead with the changes on the project.

The second time I laughed in the episode – Kang Woo and Yong Shik fighting over the remote. I only laughed twice, and I’m getting tired of the petty fighting. I’m afraid to watch more and just want to skip to the end – after all, the drama is going to be 30 episodes and it’s tiring to see the same fight happening over and over again. Unless something changes, I don’t feel like watching Tae Hee fight with her husband all the time.

So – does the drama really get better? Please tell me, or else I’m ready to drop it! Or at least, just watch any scene with Yong Shik in it and skim through the rest of the episode!


10 thoughts on “Queen of Reversals: Episode 9

  1. OMG!!!! SAME WITH YOU, my dear…this is the point where I wanted to drop this drama and burn Joonsoo to pieces , but this is also the point where Yong Shik is proving to be the better man for Taehee, heck even a better person at the least….Episode 23 is the last episode I saw before I got into my involuntary hiatus, and all i can say is this is really getting boring and the only saving grace was Yong shik and Kang woo, them only!!!! or maybe Taehee also…They really are the runaway star of this show…Maybe to cheer us up (bec. I have decided to finish this no matter what), I heard Yong Shik gets the girl!!! EEEEEE!!!!! Cue victory dance!!! Now back to lurking again…

  2. Guess you should be happy to hear that Yong Shik and Tae Hee fill up more screentime in like, ep 14? Jun Soo almost becomes the minor character for several episodes. Don’t really remember exactly when he does since I dropped the drama at 20, but the drama definitely focused much more on the second pairing. Although I enjoyed the chemistry between the second OTPs, I just got tired of the same plot recycling throughout the episodes. If I ever do pick up this drama again, I will pick it up with episode 29. I wish they didn’t extend this drama with so many episodes. It honestly could’ve ended somewhere around 24 eps. That would’ve been better than 30 or however much it’s slated to be now.

    I say give it one or more episodes before you drop. Maybe the Yong Shik-Tae Hee pairing will fire you up again… Or the drama will get so boring you should just watch their interactions through YouTube clips. Can’t go wrong there, especially if you save time AND energy. šŸ˜€

  3. i also wanted to drop this drama after watching this episode, it’s only saving grace are the scenes between Yong Shik and Kang Woo, they are so cute and funny..talking about bromance..haha. BUT because there’s Park Shi Hoo i decided to give it another chance. and i must say that the drama got better because the show focused more on Yong Shik-Tae Hee pairing towards the end and you get to enjoy a lot, i mean A LOT of Yong Shik airtime. Sure the show gets boring at times but there are also cute and funny moments to help you get by.(i actually wanna say “there’s Park Shi Hoo to make the day bright”. haha!)

  4. thanks for the advice ya’ll! i was thinking of watching first ten minutes of ep 10 at least, to see what jun soo will do… but i guess i ought to give them a chance.

    or just fast forward to all yong shik scenes in future eps.

  5. Kaedejun, I just want to say, The ending of this drama really really satisfied me. Hahahhaha

    around epi 14, u will get PArk shi hoo’s screen time more. God, he is good. LOL

  6. This show does get better. I only watch it because of PSH, it gets better when you get to the early teens epi. Hang in there!

  7. I have to say it. I worship Park Shi Hoo. He has the IT factor that just makes him absolutely irresistible…especially when he smiles.


    For once, I would like to see a struggling couple get their acts together. Be broken to nothing, prides be damned, and then slowly piece themselves together again.

    But, so see Park Shi Hoo get the girl, I will forgo the pleasure of showing t.v. audiences everywhere what a real marriage can be. Because he is lovely. He beats my love for Jang Geun Suk because JGS is a baby and PSH is well…a man. šŸ˜€

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