Ha Ji Won’s Reflection on Secret Garden

In a recent interview, Ha Ji Won reflected on the popularity of Secret Garden and her character Gil Ra Im. I’m so happy for her and can’t wait for her next role now, but of course – she’s exhausted.

Since the finale she’s only had one day off for rest, and was always tense and tired during shooting. Once filming ended, the tiredness became sickness. (Sounds like what happened to Park Shin Hye in You’re Beautiful, but I’m sure it happens to many actresses as well.) She’s looking to go on vacation far away from Korea, though with the announced special two episodes, that doesn’t seem likely.

Ha had never really realized how popular the drama was until everyone started noticing her on the street and telling her how much they enjoyed the series. She herself only did the drama because she enjoyed the story and prefers fantasy-themed stories.She liked the notion of the soul-swap and in preparation for it, she listened to recordings of Hyun Bin’s voice for hours and studied his movements and tics for hours on end, right down to the way he sits and his eyes.

She’ll be looking at new scripts, but will only take it if the script is good and something she enjoys. I’m sure after this drama all eyes will be on her wondering what role she will pick next. According to director Yoon Jae Gyun, Ha Ji Won’s best asset is her versatility: she looks tomboyish, but she has “sexy eyes” that allow her to play any role. Basically, she’s the Korean Angelina Jolie. And I can totally get behind that.

source: joongang daily


7 thoughts on “Ha Ji Won’s Reflection on Secret Garden

  1. AGREE!!! The Korean Angelina Jolie!!! Watched The Tourist, a movie that is just crap! just saying..but still love her! now back to lurking…

  2. …ha totally agreed on that…she’s one of a kind. I love her in WHIB and got addicted to her after SG…always love her, same with HB after MNIKSS, I cant get over my addiction to both of them.

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