Secret Garden Frenzy Just Won’t Die

Gahhhh! It’s so crazy! Not that I’m complaining about the frenzy because I do love the series. I just don’t love it THAAAAAT much, and I DO want to try and move on. If I go through that funky phase that I did with You’re Beautiful, then it means that I wouldn’t be able to move on for another three months. And that’s just too long.

Aside from the special episode (which was awesome solely for Yoon Sang Hyun and finding out which scenes the actors were really sleeping in), the production team has announced that they will be holding two more special episodes on Lunar New Year. Lunar New Year falls on February 3rd this year, and the special episodes will air on February 4. It will be the “Secret Garden Special Edition,” which, if it’s another special like the Secret Garden Special, I’m gonna bust some karate chops on the team – I don’t care if Hyun Bin is going to the military, I will beat him down first.

Then, Big Bang will dress up and do a parody of the characters of Secret Garden for their comeback concert (which will happen after their new album release on February 24). It will be another parody to add to their repertoire as they’ve already done Coffee Prince, Beethoven Virus, Boys Over Flowers, and 2 Days 1 Night. No one knows the characters yet, but I’m hoping Daesung is Ra Im – he’s got the hair for it. Taeyang can be Oska, G-Dragon can be Jong Soo, T.O.P. can be Joo Won, and Seungri can be Seul. Yeah? Please?

Here’s their Beethoven Virus parody:

Coffee Prince:

Boys Over Flowers:

Not to be outdone, SNSD fans produced a collage of pictures putting the members’ faces in place of the characters in Secret Garden. The parody picture collage was called Soshi Garden and had Jessica and Taeyeon as Ra Im and Joo Won respectively, Yuri as Oska, Yoona as Seul, Sunny as Tae Sun, Tiffany as Jong Soo, Sooyoung as Secretary Kim, Hyoyeon as Ah Young, and Seohyun as Joo Won’s mother. It’s not as amusing, as the photoshop isn’t thaaat great, but seriously, the frenzy just won’t die!

source: soompi, allkpop


One thought on “Secret Garden Frenzy Just Won’t Die

  1. The SG frenzy has certainly gotten out of control….cant wait to see the Big Bang parody!!….looks like Binnie will get no rest whatsoever before he leaves for the army if there are 2 more special eps

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