News Bits: 1/28/11 Edition

To make up for my anemic news bits posts, I present – the MEGA EDITION!!! Bwahaha.*evil laugh*

*looks around*

*blank stares*

*ahem* Moving on! Let’s start with casting news, shall we?

  • Jaejoong has been confirmed to appear in a Korean drama but his agency refuses to disclose which Korean drama. He’s already appeared in a Japanese drama, but by appearing in a Korean one he will solidify even more his fan base in both countries. Yoochun had appeared in Sungkyunkwan Scandal with much success – the KBS drama was sold at a high price to Japan.
  • Hwang Jung Eum (of Giant and High Kick Through the Roof) will be appearing in the MBC drama Do You Hear My Heart. And this time, she’ll be the lead actress, under PD Kim Sang Ho (Fantasy Couple) and writer Moon Hee Jung (Smile You). If the writing is as good as Smile You, then hopefully this drama (which sounds long) will be a success too. Her character is described as someone who is “cheery but strong.” I resist the urge to roll my eyes.
  • Choi Ji Woo is making a drama comeback! She will star in the drama Medical College which shows the life of medical students. OK – honestly, I was actually excited to hear that she was making a drama comeback. Then I read about what drama she’s joining and the first thought that entered my head was Dr. Champ. The second thought was – oh boy, will this be an I Am Legend redux? Because unless she’s going to be a doctor-instructor, she sounds like she’ll be a student who went to med school a little late, which is like I Am Legend where Seol Hee is an ahjumma rocker. Anyways! Filming is set to begin in the coming months.
  • BoA is breaking further into the States. Aside from her US music debut (with “Eat You Up”), she is now going to star in a Hollywood film called “COBU 3D”. (That title is so not going to get viewers – and this sounds like what Park Jaebeom did with his supposed movie debut, of which I have not heard anything about recently.) It’s about 2 dancers who meet in the underground dance clubs of NYC and fall in love. (Really people, really!?) Her leading man will be Derek Hough from “Dancing with the Stars” (Derek – get your cute butt back in the reality show! You are sinking lower by joining this film!) Then again – I could be eating my words if this movie ends up being a bigger thing than it sounds…
  • Yoon Si Yoon will appear in a new film tentatively titled “Mr. Baek.” He will be the titular Baek, a pro-golfer who suffers depression after a freak accident and renews his passion through teaching golf. He will costar alongside Chun Ho Jin (the dad in Paradise Ranch and Will it Snow for Christmas?), Lee Kyung Young (Yi San), Cha Hwa Yun (the devil mother of I Am Legend). His love interest will be played by newcomer Kim Bomi.
  • Jang Geun Suk will be releasing an album! Finally! Except – it’ll be a Japanese one. I was expecting a Korean one, though he is very popular in Japan… He’s already sung plenty of Korean songs in various OSTs so… His debut album will be released on March 23 and holding a showcase on the 27th.
  • Not to be outdone by her super popular, in-demand boyfriend, Song Hye Gyo released a photo album called “Song Hye Gyo’s Moment” today. The album includes photos she took while in France, Italy, USA, Argentina, and Netherlands during the past five years. The books are limited edition and the prologue includes messages from various Chinese stars, such as Tony Leung and Zhang Zi Yi.
  • OK really now – with the sudden wedding in November, they still haven’t held their wedding dinner?! Rumor has it that Barbie Hsu will have her wedding dinner tomorrow (January 29) in Beijing and another one on March 22 in Hainan. (And how many wedding dinners do you really need!? To me, it sounds like you’re trying to reaffirm that you guys are really married when no one is questioning it anymore.) Reports say that she will be staying in Beijing for the Lunar New Year, since it will be “inconvenient” for her hubby to visit Taiwan because he’d need a visa. Oh the troubles of being rich!
  • Ryu Si Won is finally a dad! His wife gave birth to a baby girl yesterday, on January 27. He married his wife back in October after she found out she was pregnant. Wife and child are healthy, and Ryu will go back to entertainment business with the release of his 11th single on March 16.
  • Nichkhun joined Wilber Pan’s music video for the Taiwanese singer’s “Touch (Chu Dong)” single. The two of them shot the music video on January 22 immediately upon 2PM‘s arrival in Taiwan. Based on the pictures seen here, it looks like “Touch” is a dance/hip-hop song and Nichkhun might be a DJ alongside Wilber Pan. Or Pan is the DJ and Nichkhun is the “main guy.”
  • Yay for Sign! This week it topped the ratings chart for Wednesday/Thursday drama lineup with 15.75% (TNS)/17.65% (AGB). It beat My Princess, which had 14.3% (TNS)/16.5% (AGB). Not that I dislike My Princess – it’s good fun, if not somewhat draggy at the emotional parts, but Sign is sooo cool! I’m perfectly happy if it’s the dark horse for the rest of its run; I tend to like dark horses.
  • There were talks for a Dream High extension since one of its episodes was preempted by a Korea-Japan soccer match in the 2011 Asia Cup. The drama was also doing solidly well in terms of ratings. However, it was decided that they will simply have a special episode (so that the drama can end on a Tuesday rather than a Monday), featuring behind the scenes clips, interviews, and NGS. Is it me, or are special episodes the “in-thing”? I think it’s just me; Secret Garden special grew out of popularity, Athena special grew out of necessity, and now Dream High because of airing schedules.

sources: dramabeans, allkpop, asianfanatics, kbs global, xinmsn, asiae, popseoul


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