Sign: Episode 6

Ack! It was getting good, and then the production decides to switch it up. The director will now be a writer (alongside his wife?) and the new director will be the one who did I Am Legend and Cain & Abel. Boo.

Anyways! Episode 6 – you keeeeell me!! Well, not literally, and I hope not literally…  I get that this drama is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, especially with light-hearted dramas as the competition. So I must either be a) craving real mystery and thriller type of dramas or b) wanting something like Harvest Villa.

EDIT: By the way, I don’t know if people already knew this, but it was kinda interesting when I first heard it: The Hangul for Sign is 싸인, which if read straight through sounds like “Sign” but also means “Cause of Death.” Dun dun dun!

Again – quick and dirty summary:

Skeletons! Four previous victims! Lee Myung Han admits his mistake and concedes that Yoon Ji Hoon was right after all. Jung Woo Jin is excited (kinda) to have landed a serial murder case, but she won’t let Choi Yi Han be part of the Special Investigations Unit. She takes Ji Hoon along with her to Seoul so that they can meet her boss. Ji Hoon also won’t let Da Kyung come along for the autopsy.

Yi Han and Da Kyung return to NFS for some tender healin’ and drinks. They find out that they have very similar bosses – both are selfish, narcissistic, and mean – but if you get to know them better, they’re not so bad after all. In a drunken stupor, they both laugh and blame each other for scaring the other at the farmhouse. Da Kyung asks why Yi Han had to grab her shoulder, and he says he never did. He only ran in after he heard her scream. Therefore, there was someone ELSE at the farmhouse. Someone whose DNA might still be on her jacket and who wore a watch on his right hand (indicating that the culprit is left-handed).

Woo Jin’s boss wants to bring all the forensic evidence to the Digital Forensics Center (DFC) because clearly the NFS made a big boo-boo. Myung Han steps in and admits his fault. He doesn’t want DFC to take over, since Ji Hoon got the autopsies right, and Ji Hoon is still part of NFS. Therefore, as long as Ji Hoon is in charge of the Investigations Unit, then all is well.

It’s mighty conciliatory, and I swear, my heart swelled up in hope that Myung Han is reforming and still knows when something is right and when something is wrong.

As Woo Jin makes her presentation to NFS and the police officers about her case, she receives word that the culprit was arrested. Lee Jung Beom is the owner of the farmhouse and was caught trying to run away. He also served time for sexual assault. Ji Hoon assembles his team, and it’s mostly made up of newbies that are not under Myung Han’s fist. Myung Han’s right hand man, Dr. Joo, protests against this but Ji Hoon says he checked every team member’s background carefully to make sure they were qualified. Myung Han privately tells Dr. Joo and his prosecutor benefactor that he will let Ji Hoon win this round and let Ji Hoon feel like he can soar, but won’t give Ji Hoon the actual wings to fly.

Woo Jin interrogates Lee Jung Beom, and Lee confesses. Now Ji Hoon just has to find the evidence that places Lee at the scene of the crime.

Da Kyung and Yi Han rush over to NFS with her coat stuffed in a bag for evidence. Since there were no taxis or police cars available, they hitch a ride with Yi Han’s arson suspect Ahn Sook Hyun. Yi Han is forced to get out early when he gets a call from his superior, and when Da Kyung arrives with her information and coat, Ji Hoon sends her back. Da Kyung badly wants to be part of the autopsy because she wants to avenge the death of her younger sister (if I said it was a brother before, it was actually a sister…). Ji Hoon won’t let her because her personal feelings will get in the way. He watches as Sook Hyun picks Da Kyung up to bring her back to the southern branch.

Ji Hoon performs his autopsy on all the skeletons and his team pieces together that the culprit is someone who wanted to kill one girl, and then got addicted to killing. The only girl whose death doesn’t match the others’ pattern is Yoo Hyeon Joo (Lee Myung Han’s body). She was found in a different location compared to the other girls, and might have been Victim Zero. Everyone else was following a pattern, and everyone else died sooner after capture than the last.

Meanwhile, Yi Han goes to the police station and finds that on the night of each arson case, it was also the night when someone’s body was discovered. He finds that there’s a pattern in the location and they all seem to be circling a deserted, redevelopment area. He goes to visit and finds out that in the middle of this “circle” lies Yoo Hyeon Joo’s home. Her mother said they moved there because Hyeon Joo was getting assaulted by her high school classmate, an arsonist who was also an orphan and obsessively in love with her.

Ji Hoon realizes that the culprit is left-handed, so Da Kyung was right. Woo Jin tells him that Lee Jung Beom is right-handed. Also, a digital image recovered from one of the victims’ phone showed the face of the killer. It was Ahn Sook Hyun – arsonist AND killer.

Too late – Ji Hoon realizes that Da Kyung went back with said killer. He calls her on the phone and informs her, but Sook Hyun realizes that she knows his true identity. He knocks her out.

Woo Jin gets chewed out by her boss in front of everyone for releasing an arsonist (based on little evidence) because he ended up being a serial killer. Myung Han privately scolds Ji Hoon for letting his own NFS examiner get kidnapped (it’s not like he knew!!!) He tells Ji Hoon that once everything is resolved, he will have to take responsibility for it. He sees Da Kyung’s dad at the lobby, crying his heart out, and that moves Ji Hoon.

Yi Han begs Woo Jin for a spot in the investigations team – he feels responsible for having put Da Kyung in the same truck with Sook Hyun. She finally relents. While all of the police force is searching for the truck and trying to locate Da Kyung before it’s too late, Ji Hoon starts racing back to the south – Kyeong-sang province, where everything happened. He remembers one of his team members stating that the next victim would die in less than 24 hours after capture…

Da Kyung awakes in a dusty farmhouse and tries untying herself. Sook Hyun enters and asks if she can be more interesting than his last victim; the last one just sat and cried even when he let her try to escape, so he killed her. He enjoys the chase, and doesn’t believe he’ll get caught. Da Kyung manages to free herself from the ropes, grabs a rock, and clocks Sook Hyun in the head. She runs out, trying to get far away, while Sook Hyun taunts her with his jeering voice. He gets into his truck and turns on the lights.

He spots Da Kyung, running, and speeds towards her…

(article source: dramabeans)


One thought on “Sign: Episode 6

  1. It’s like this drama is getting good, right???
    I really want to watch it so badly.. too bad, my internet connection is getting slow down..

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