49 Days Premiere Delayed

It was recently announced that Sign will be extended by an additional four episodes, bringing the series total to 20 episodes. That means the new drama 49 Days will premiere on March 16 instead. It will have to catch up to The Thorn Birds and Royal Family on the Wednesday/Thursday slot, since Thorn Birds premieres on February 23 after President, and Royal Family begins March 2 after My Princess.

On top of that, Seo Ji Hye (Kim Soo Ro) joins the cast as the cold city girl who’s friends with Nam Gyu Ri‘s character. She is described as ambitious and could betray even her best friends, making her the likely cause of Nam Gyu Ri’s accident/comatose state. She feels guilty, and is more haunted when Lee Yo Won‘s body is possessed with the spirit of Nam Gyu Ri.

I’ve been confused on the previous posts about everyone’s relationship with one another, so here’s what’s clear:

  • Bae Soo Bin is Nam Gyu Ri’s fiance, who loves his money more than her.
  • Nam gets into an accident and Jung Il Woo directs her soul towards Lee Yo Won’s body so that she can fulfill her mission. If she can get three people to genuinely cry for her within 49 days, she can return back to life.
  • Lee Yo Won plays two characters – herself, and her body possessed by Nam Gyu Ri. She is also Jung Il Woo’s sister; Jung Il Woo died when he was 23.
  • Jo Hyun Jae is childhood friends with Nam Gyu Ri, but has a romantic entanglement with Lee Yo Won when she gets possessed by Nam’s spirit.

source: soompi



5 thoughts on “49 Days Premiere Delayed

  1. I don’t get this. So Nam Gyuri is likely to appear very shortly?? I have no complain about that, although I do wish Seo Jihye’s part is bigger.

  2. No!….so this means Jung Il Woo is just the collector of souls and that there will be no romantic entanglements with him involved?!….ok…i guess i can live with that as long as Bae Soo Bin gets the girl this time and I dont care how they do it and not even if its Nam Gyuri (who i think improved a lot over the course of LIB)..but it does piss me off that Seo Ji Hye is going to be the standard bitchy second lead (that’s what it sounds like)…urghhhhhh…and she’s the one actress here that i care the most for here

    • I wouldnt mind her playing a well developed antagonist….but the kinda one we get in kdramas are very 2D characters with no depth and it’s been a while since Seo Ji Hye has done something that good

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