Sign: Episodes 3-5

I think I’ve found my Prosecutor Princess crack. And not in the romantic comedy sense. Sign is really interesting in how it does the case-by-episode basis, and I love the juxtaposition between Lee Myung Han and Yoon Ji Hoon. It reminds me of how Prosecutor Princess had all these cases, but it didn’t overwhelm the rest of the drama and the cast.

This drama is so unexpectedly funny – and to think, it’s all coming from Park Shin Yang. Yep – you read that right. After he toned down his yelling, he’s got comic chemistry with Kim Ah Joong. Not love sparks – just, really funny interactions.

Quick, quick summary:

Jung Byung Do, Ji Hoon’s mentor, ends up fudging the autopsy. Lee Myung Han admits that Ji Hoon was correct, but says that if Byung Do doesn’t lie, then his mistake from a case twenty years ago will crop up. So Jung Byung Do lies, then quits. As for Senior Jung, he tells Da Kyung that he destroyed the evidence because he’s a bitter old man with a disease caused by all the chemicals he worked with the past years in the police force.

Myung Han emerges as the winner, as he becomes the head of NFS. He sends Ji Hoon to the southern branch of NFS, in a place that seems to be where all the rejects go. Da Kyung quits her job at the police force and decides to go for a career as a medical examiner. Woo Jin doesn’t get the promotion she was hoping for, and is still a prosecutor (though somewhat even more bitter). Yi Han – he still works with her. Oh and we find out that in the past, Ji Hoon proposed to Woo Jin, but he also wouldn’t give up his career for her.

The three stooges – two comic men and the woman in love with Myung Han (Ahn Sung Jin, Kim Han Tae, and Hong Sook Joo respectively) – all get sent to Ji Hoon’s branch because they’re too close to finding out that Myung Han is trying to destroy all the evidence related to the Seo Yoon Hyung case. Well – the girl gets sent away because he doesn’t want to deal with her fawning over him.

Unfortunately for Myung Han, the evidence of the fibers found in Yoon Hyung’s throat is missing. Guess who has it? It’s Da Kyung, who stole it from the police station. She recently got accepted to the NFS southern branch, and she suggests to Ji Hoon that they reopen Seo Yoon Hyung’s case.

But they have another case to deal with first – there’s a man who came in with a stab wound and looks like he bled to death. It looked like a simple robbery. Eager to prove herself, Da Kyung tries to do the autopsy herself, but gets squeamish at the thought of slicing him open. She gets Ji Hoon’s advice on how to write up the report, and they figure out that the man had actually committed suicide. He had tried to make it seem like a robbery and murder. Da Kyung goes to inform the wife of the deceased, but she finds out that Ji Hoon had already visited. He had figured out that it was a suicide before Da Kyung did, and he apologized to the wife and son. The father had killed himself in hopes that his family would receive insurance money, but since the autopsy declares it a suicide, they won’t get any money. Da Kyung learns that Ji Hoon actually has a heart.

Just that, no one at NFS really has a heart to go celebrate Da Kyung’s welcoming party. She gets drunk, and Ji Hoon has to go bring her home. Oh and Woo Jin gets drunk and Yi Han has to bring her home too.

Then there’s a new case. There’s a serial killer who’s been hitting girls with his truck and making them seem like a hit-and-run accident. One body goes to Myung Han’s lab, who just so happens to have the Vice Minister there. The Vice Minister is the one in control of giving NFS more funds. The other body goes to Ji Hoon’s lab. Both perform the autopsy simultaneously, and Myung Han declares it an accident. Ji Hoon declares it a murder disguised as an accident.

Myung Han refuses to do a blood sample analysis, which could overturn his autopsy. He wants to keep it simple and clean for the sake of good appearances with the Vice Minister. He also doesn’t want to admit he made a mistake. However, a third body shows up, and it goes to Ji Hoon as well. The pattern is exactly the same.

Yi Han comes across the case and realize that Ji Hoon’s two bodies resemble that of Myung Han’s. He brings up the case to Woo Jin, suggesting that it will be her path to a quick promotion. She goes to the south, and Ji Hoon resents her presence. However, she’s there to prove that he’s right – it will be a slap to Myung Han’s face, and she gets a promotion. Win-win. Da Kyung overhears this and realizes that the two of them used to be an item.

Ji Hoon does a series of blood tests, but it doesn’t come up positive for any anesthetic. They also don’t have much blood samples left because all the victims died from bleeding out. So he goes to investigate the scene of the crime – where Da Kyung already is. They search the area and it leads them to an abandoned farmhouse. Ji Hoon finds cartons of acepromazine, an animal sedative and tells Sook Joo to run the test – it comes out positive.

However, Da Kyung senses a presence behind her and she starts running away from a mysterious shadow. Ji Hoon is locked inside the building he’s investigating and calls Woo Jin for help. While Ji Hoon breaks down his doors, Da Kyung hides from the shadow. Just when he finds her, Ji Hoon appears and beats the guy up.

But it’s Yi Han. Woo Jin affirms Yi Han’s story of being a cop and he and Da Kyung start fighting over who was creepier than the other, and why one was hurting the other. Yeah yeah, bickering relationship. Anyways – Da Kyung finds the truck with blood on it and Woo Jin calls in to report a serial killer with three victims. However, something in the ground raises Ji Hoon’s suspicions – it’s skeleton bones buried shallowly under the snow covered dirt. There’s more than three victims.

Why do I enjoy this series? Because nothing has made me more nervous, or made me crack up at times when I don’t think I should crack up. And there were no cheesy jokes either. I kinda want to see Woo Jin join the “good guys” and bring down Myung Han too. She’s still manipulating the medical examiners’ reports and the evidence as she sees fit (releasing people when she shouldn’t, targeting people when she shouldn’t) so she hasn’t changed so much. But still… As for Ji Hoon, after episode 4 he became a bit more human. He’s just a frustrated fellow, and the only time he yells in episode 5 is when he gets caught in an embarrassing dance move by Da Kyung. TEEHEE.

I’m thinking that the Da Kyung-Yi Han coupling is the one to ship, although I really like Da Kyung-Ji Hoon. They’re too funny together. If they have a professional relationship, I can settle for that. When she forces Ji Hoon to go to the karaoke place with her, it’s too hilarious because he’s forced to dance to stave off any suspicions from the owner. Once the owner is gone, he can go back to stealing the black light needed for a UV scan.

Fun, fun, fun! From the writers of Harvest Villa – I knew it’d be fun!


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