Jung Woo Sung in Accident

Maaaaaaaaan. And I was really getting into the groove with ATHENA.

UPDATE: The January 25th broadcast has been canceled. Instead, a side story called “Soo Ae’s Secret” will air instead.

At first, when I heard that, I thought – “What?! We’re gonna know the backstory of Hye In? We’re gonna know all about her true loyalties and everything? Cool!” Then I realized that if it were so, the show would have been called “Hye In’s Secret.” So now I’m bummed.

It’s probably a show about 1) her secret behind such beautiful skin/body/features, or 2) her background and family story, or 3) her home and secret favorite haunts in the neighborhood. Blah.

Jung Woo Sung and Jung Chan Woo were both injured while filming a car scene in an underground parking lot. Jung Chan Woo, who plays an Athena agent, was supposed to be shooting at Jung Woo Sung when he gets hit by a car. However, there was a freak accident as the car skidded and hit both actors. Jung Woo Sung injured his right leg, and Jung Chan Woo injured his head. I don’t know how serious the head injury is, but Jung Woo Sung’s leg injury is serious enough that he can’t complete the filming for episode 14, and he might not get to do the rest of the series.

Uhm, I take back calling you stupid, if that helps. 😦 Honestly, though Jung Woo is a sap, he’s also pretty important in the drama. He’s the only one out of all the agents who’s a go-getter and going to try and get things done. Everyone else would rather sit on their hands and wait for Athena to attack them again.

source: dramabeans, allkpop


One thought on “Jung Woo Sung in Accident

  1. oh no,i wish he is going to be okay. i will pray for a speedy recovery and that he will always sbe safe and healthy. Take care always

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