Queen of Reversals: Episode 8

Is it bad that I think Park Shi Hoo and Kim Nam Joo have more chemistry than she with Jung Joon Ho? And to think, Kim and Jung are good friends thanks to her hubby Kim Seung Woo.

Post-slap, Tae Hee tells off Yong Shik for thinking so low of her. She was never going to sell herself, but for the sake of her family, yes, she will go at great lengths to succeed. She won’t leave just because Yong Shik tells her she’s out – she will quit when she wants to quit.

Kang Woo had witnessed the slap, but wisely stayed out of the fight until Tae Hee left. He affirms everything that Tae Hee had said, noting that she was about to slap the bastard when Yong Shik intervened. Yong Shik: “Why didn’t you tell me earlier!?” Kang Woo: “When did I have the time to tell you?”

Yong Shik: 0 Kang Woo: ah whatever – you just win. I’ve lost count. But I love a secretary who knows when to let his boss make an ass out of himself, and knows when to do as his boss says.

Jun Soo is conflicted on whether he should take Yeo Jin’s offer of returning to the company. However, he can’t even confide to Tae Hee because she’s too weary. She cries alone, and I’m surprised Jun Soo doesn’t bother to ask her what’s wrong. At least her words have an effect on Yong Shik.

The next day, he orders Kang Woo to get a new nameplate for his team’s office. His unannounced visit throws everyone in a bit of a frenzy to hide whatever it is they’re doing. He warns them that though he said they could do absolutely nothing, he will also give them absolutely nothing. They’re all employees that were given six months. His evaluation score can send them out on the curb earlier than that (and if they continue wasting time on company computers, he will give them a zero). Tae Hee (and the rest of the team) still has until the end of the day to sell out the leftover stock. If they don’t complete it, they’re out.

Over lunch, Kang Woo notes that Yong Shik just did that to force everyone to help Tae Hee out. But of couuuuurse Yong Shik didn’t know he was doing that.

The entire team goes out to lunch, but they’re all so poor that they just have a simple stew. Unfortunately, Yeo Jin takes the R&D team out to lunch at the same restaurant right next to them and orders barbecue. It’s a little awkward, but Tae Hee goes on and talks work – how to sell the leftovers?

Young Chul suggests that they just purchase the leftovers themselves. Yeo Jin from the other table butts in and says that the company is going to figure out the names and credit card numbers of the people who made purchases anyways, so are they really going to accept it when they find that their own employees bought their own products?

Tae Hee puts down her spoon. “I wonder what the R&D team is doing… in the past we had more inventory. Did we have a problem selling it because we didn’t have enough products to sell?” There used to be no leftovers, and the new products usually got sold out. Tae Hee gets Yoo Kyung, Dae Soo, and Young Chul to all chime in as they extol the times five years ago, when sales would rocket because of original products. Once management changed, all the products were just rehashes of the old ones, and that’s why they don’t sell as well.

Tae Hee notes that creating a product is not as easy as just aligning with the right people in office politics. The dig hits deep at Yeo Jin, and the R&D team shuts up.

True that yo – because it’s your fault, the Special Planning Team has to pick up your slack.

But on to the serious matter – how and where to sell the products!? The entire team wants to just sell it outside the company building, but Tae Hee thinks it’s a bad idea. It will reflect badly on the company. However, she is out-voted. Unfortunately, just because the entire team is now out selling the products doesn’t mean they’re actually selling the products. Ki Ppeum is on the phone while Dae Soo is listening to his mp3.

It’s also at that moment that Dae Soo’s wife comes upon him. Is he, a promoted officer, supposed to be selling things out on the street? Tae Hee immediately remembers the conversation she overheard on the bus and jumps in. She makes Dae Soo seem like the team leader and that even though he doesn’t have to, he still wants to join in on the “dirty work” of selling alongside his employees. It’s a little awkward for Dae Soo, but he manages to send his wife home without any further troubles.

Yong Shik notices this as he enters the building. He passes by Song Yi and her entourage as they leave the building to confront Tae Hee. They know it’s Tae Hee’s idea to sell and that she should immediately dismantle the setup. However, because she got his back, Dae Soo stands up for her and says that it was his idea to sell the products outside the building. Song Yi doesn’t care and wants them to gather in her office when Yong Shik intervenes.

First, he will buy all of their products, so they can bring it back to the office. Second, it’s his team, so he’ll deal with them. And third, he asks that his team be included in the planning process for the V-line pack, which just so happens to be overseen by Yeo Jin. (Rawr – the claws are out. Yeo Jin is gonna make such a mess of the product I can see it!) Yong Shik posits it as a fair competition, to see who will win and be better at product design.

The gauntlet is thrown!

Back at the office, Yong Shik reminds them that he overspent today for his team, so he hopes they can pay him back with hard work and good results. Everyone’s on board now, especially Ki Ppeum, who now takes diet pills in the hopes of attracting Yong Shik.

Song Yi reveals that she wants Jun Soo back in the office because he can side with her. Tae Hee and Yong Shik aligned together is dangerous. But if Jun Soo is on Song Yi’s side, Tae Hee just might quit. That adds urgency to Yeo Jin’s mission of getting Jun Soo back.

Jun Soo is actually unwilling to go back. He not only received a loan from his brother-in-law, but he also knows that even if he goes back, he could get kicked out again. He doesn’t want to go through all that anymore, so he’d rather just stay out of the company. Smart man.

Not so smart in that he gets caught by his in-laws getting into a taxi with Yeo Jin. When his mother-in-law calls, he says he’s meeting some friends. Not an entire lie, but not so truthful either. The mother-in-law and sister-in-law wait at their home to confront Jun Soo. Tae Hee arrives first, so the sister takes Tae Hee aside.

Then comes a hilarious cross-exchange as both reveal that they know their husbands are cheating on them. Except, they’re talking about the other’s husband. The sister thinks the other knows about her own husband’s infidelity, and it’s so appropriate until Tae Hee says she doesn’t feel as bad as her sister might. That sets off the conversation, and they finally understand what’s going on.

In the end, the sister finds out her husband went to a hotel with another woman and gave Jun Soo a loan as a sort of hush money. Off she goes to confront him! Tae Hee finds out that Jun Soo actually met Yeo Jin, and while she’s annoyed at that, she’s more pissed off about the loan. Tae Hee tells her husband to return the money and just not do anything. Since she’s suffering so much by herself, Jun Soo can make it easier on her if he just does nothing.

Ouch. An insult to manly pride. Time to go drink! With Dae Soo and Young Chul. They mope about having a hard time as husbands or being poor, but they don’t realize that Young Chul has the worst card of all.

There’s a moment when Song Yi catches up with Yeo Jin via phone while on her walks with her dog, and she gets pushed by a couple of joggers. Song Yi sends her dog to bite them, freaking out the poor joggers. Yes – she’s that evil. We get it. Although – it’s kinda hilarious.

The next day, it’s Yong Shik’s birthday. As he eats his cereal, he gets his first birthday greeting of the day – from the Queens Credit Card company.

Ki Ppeum finds out about the birthday and arranges for a party. She has Kang Woo tell Yong Shik, but Yong Shik pretends he has a lot of dates that evening and won’t bother attending a lame party. Kang Woo doesn’t say anything, but of course he sees right through Yong Shik’s lie.

Tae Hee sees Ki Ppeum trying to take another diet pill and swats it out of her hands. She hands her a diet diary that has all these tips that she followed while trying to lose baby weight. Ki Ppeum graciously accepts it.

For his birthday gift, Yong Shik goes to see his father. He wants to know about his birth mother, where she is and if she’s even alive. However, his father switches the topic to one about the Special Planning Team taking part in the presentations next season. He warns Yong Shik to do well, because if he fails no one will recognize him. Yong Shik confesses that he identifies a lot with his team members – both don’t want to be abandoned, and both fear that they are just being a burden. Both need to live quietly and obscurely, but both will no longer live like that anymore.

Yeah! Yong Shik is coming of age!

He decides to drop by the party, except, he arrives so late that everyone has already gone. Except Tae Hee. She explains that everyone waited over two hours, but figured that he had so many other parties to attend to. Yep- he sure did! But wait! There’s cake!

Tae Hee rolls her eyes and prepares to cut the cake for him, but he goes, “Are there candles?” OK – so they put on candles and light them. (He doesn’t blow out the matchstick completely, so when he throws it into the trash, it singes the papers.) He asks if Tae Hee can sing for him, and she sings with absolutely no life. Hilarious thing is, Yong Shik is totally enjoying it. He blows at the candle, and suddenly Tae Hee notices the burning trash can.

She rushes out to get water while Yong Shik finds a fire extinguisher. He’s about to use it when Tae Hee comes back and tosses a water bucket… right in his face. Woops – wrong fire. She dumps the rest of the water on the trash can and apologizes. He’s all, “Fire extinguisher!!” and she’s all, “Woops! I’m sorry! *pours water*”

Meanwhile, Yeo Jin tells Song Yi that she has to stay with her mother since the caretaker is out. That doesn’t stop her from “working” though because she calls Jun Soo to the hospital to try and convince him to come back. She tells him that she had removed him from the layoff list, but Yong Shik had put him back on. If he returns to the company, Song Yi will be on his side, and they can all show Yong Shik and his wife just how good he truly is. Hmm, something to think about.

But a nurse comes rushing in. During these twenty minutes of conversation, Yeo Jin’s mother passed away. Yeo Jin is absolutely heartbroken, and she feels guilty for telling her mother to just “sleep forever” because it’s a pain to continue taking care of her. Jun Soo comforts her, and it is this scene that Song Yi walks in on. “This looks like fun,” she says, before walking off.

Because Kang Woo left for the day, Tae Hee has to drive Yong Shik home. She takes out a cardboard and tells him to sit on it, lest he ruin the seats with his wet clothes. Bwahaha. She tells him he should have called a private jet and “feels bad” for making him ride her cheap car. He notes that she holds on to grudges very well, and mourns that he didn’t even get any seaweed soup for his birthday. He does admit that he’s sorry for being rude to her before outside the hotel restaurant – without saying the actual words. (Tae Hee helps say it for him.) She apologizes for hitting him because he is also someone’s precious son. Yong Shik: “It’s ok – I’m not that precious of a son.”

At home, Tae Hee calls Jun Soo, and he tells her he’s at a friend’s funeral. He doesn’t inform her whose, fearing that she’ll blow her top. He helps Yeo Jin arrange the funeral at the hospital and the cremation. The next day, as Jun Soo is about to leave, he sees the Queens employees coming in to pay their respects – and Tae Hee is there too!

Desperate, he runs back into Yeo Jin’s funeral room and asks that she keep quiet. He hides behind a folded screen as Yeo Jin’s team members make a large fuss and pay their respects. It’s so funny how two of her R&D girls try to outdo each other in crying…

The entire time, Yeo Jin is actually quite nervous that Tae Hee is there. For someone who usually likes to spite Tae Hee about her husband, she seems to not want Tae Hee to know that Jun Soo is there.

Too bad for both though, because a spider just spun its way down next to Jun Soo. Jun Soo fidgets as he tries to shoo it away, but that just makes the folded screen sway. After Tae Hee pays her respects, she goes up to Yeo Jin, slightly conciliatory.

Jun Soo crashes down from behind the folded screen. Everyone freaks out, and Jun Soo lies immobile. He tries to hide his face but Dae Soo and the other R&D guy Dong Won pull Jun Soo up. Yeo Jin is terribly embarrassed and winces (I didn’t know she had that in her!), Tae Hee is absolutely shocked, and Jun Soo looks guilty as charged.

By the way – Yong Shik is there too to witness it, but not Song Yi…


5 thoughts on “Queen of Reversals: Episode 8

  1. I love your blog….to tell u the truth I didnt read the whole post because I’m planning to watch this drama…but I want to skip the first part of the story(it’s too long).I mean I’m just watching it for Park Shi Hoo ,I want to know when he will start his romance,which episode ? if u dont mind please reply

  2. it is not bad at all . in fact KNJ & PSH has become my top one best couple of K-Drama of all time . GYS love crush on HTS is more real to me than any of PSH other mini drama . i like PSH because of his character as GYS . when i watched PM or PP i hv never fell for this guy but he really stunned me as GYS in QOR . i will vote this couple KNJ-PSH forever the best couple on-screen šŸ˜€

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