News Bits: 1/22/11 Edition

Kim So Yeon was awarded the “Special Prize of Asia” at the Asia Model Awards (today, or yesterday in Korea time). She received it for her work in IRIS, Prosecutor Princess, and Dr. Champ – and because she worked so hard almost consecutively, she was able to increase her popularity and become part of Hallyu. SHINee was also present, and they won the “BBF Popular Singer Award.” The event is mainly a place where models from Korea, China, Japan, Indonesia, Mongolia, and Philippines could gather together and represent their respective countries.

  • The race between My Princess and Sign is still on. And surprisingly, I’m still able to watch both! I love both dramas in very different ways for very different reasons. When I watch My Princess, it’s because I don’t want to think. However, it kills me because I do fast forward a lot; the emotional scenes are kinda boring, and Ryu Soo Young scenes are the ones I love to watch. As for Sign, I love the mystery – and though I think it’s going to be a weekly mystery kind of thing (devoting perhaps 2-2.5 episodes per case) I am really enjoying how the characters have sunk to the absolute bottom (and transferred to the south of Korea) only to have to work their way back up. I can’t really fast forward that one, lest I miss one little detail for a case. But anyways! For the week, My Princess had ratings of 21.9% and 18.4% for episodes 5 and 6 (based on TNS ratings for Seoul). Sign had 17.4% and 16.4%. I’d say Sign‘s ratings got a bit better, but My Princess is killing it.
  • Kim Soo Hyun was admitted to a hospital for fatigue. Currently starring in Dream High, the young actor has been working consistently and constantly. And, he’s the only non-idol star in Dream High, so I’m sure singing and dancing takes a toll on him because he never had to do it as often or rigorously before.
  • OK broadcasters – enough with the names of similarity to build hype. We had Coffee Prince + Full House = Coffee House, and now we’re having Royal Family following My Princess. The new drama focuses more on a chaebol daughter and a prosecutor from a poor background. Nothing too royal about it, but the tables turn as the daughter supports the prosecutor until he’s successful, and he in turn supports her when things become hard for her. It will star Yeom Jung Ah and Ji Sung.
  • Ha Ji Won’s “other man” Kim Jae Won is to be discharged from the military next week. Why do I call him the “other man”? Because aside from being in My Love Patzzi, he also co-starred with Ha in the film “100 Days with Mr. Arrogant” and the drama Hwang Jin Yi. His first act will be greeting fans in Osaka.

source: soompi, allkpop, asiae, dramabeans


6 thoughts on “News Bits: 1/22/11 Edition

  1. Kim Jae Won aka Korea’s favorite smile is coming back?…yipee!…God knows we really need more of these when a lot of familiar faces are leaving now

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