Sign: Episode 2

This was a post long in the making. I had started it last week, but didn’t get to work on it for a while. Other dramas got in the way and I’ve been playing catch up. I watched it though, just didn’t get to write it up.

This episode was a little better than the first one because I got used to the characters, and it moved quite quickly.

To summarize, Woo Jin is mighty pissed off that Ji Hoon broke the rules in postmortem procedure and so she issues a search warrant that allows her to confiscate everything. Lee Myung Han refuses to believe that the singer Seo Yoon Hyung was killed by suffocation – despite the evidence of fine threads Ji Hoon pulled from the throat. When a call comes in from Yi Han that the singer’s coordinator had confessed to the crime, they take her confession as the truth in terms of how Seo Yoon Hyung died. She said she poisoned him with potassium cyanide; even if there was no trace of potassium cyanide in the body, Lee decrees the cause of death as poisoning, enabled by Yoon Hyung’s pre-existing condition of tuberculosis.

Ji Hoon and Da Kyung refuse to settle for this answer, and Yi Han thinks the confession is shaky at best. Ji Hoon and Da Kyung go back to the concert arena and review all of the security tapes. They spend all night there and finally catch a woman dressed in a very fine cloak carrying a blue pillow. The very pillow they were looking for. They retrace her steps, and there’s an awesome sequence of them chasing the “ghost” of the girl as they run through the halls.

As for Yi Han, he follows the clue of the photo of Seo Yoon Hyung and his supposed girlfriend – who is holding the same blue pillow. It leads him to overseeing another influential prosecutor meeting with the singer’s manager in the dead of the night by the river. It’s clear that the manager and the coordinator were paid off, and though Yi Han is beaten up by the prosecutor’s hooligans, he finds evidence that the coordinator’s mother was given millions. He submits the evidence to Woo Jin, who now has no choice but to indict the supposed girlfriend (all clues are pointing to her). She tells her boss, and it turns out the girlfriend is the daughter of the congressman. Hence – major cover-up

Ji Hoon has a price to pay, though, for breaking procedure and is forced to attend a hearing. Lee is present as well, and the board has to decide what to do with Ji Hoon since he ruined the name of NFS. Ji Hoon says he will prove that his autopsy was correct, and that he will reexamine the body. Lee scoffs – the body’s already been cremated. Says who? Seo Yoon Hyung’s body is wheeled into the hearing room and Jung Byung Do announces that he will do the autopsy himself. Jung will also bear all responsibility for the final autopsy results. Face off between old rivals Ji Hoon and Myung Han!

On top of that, Da Kyung goes to visit her police officer sunbae but there is no one at home. She goes around the back and sees a makeshift fire pit in the backyard. When she peeks into the metal can, she sees a burnt tape – it’s the missing security camera tape.


It’s actually a pretty good drama, if you go for this sort of genre. I do.

Uhm Ji Won rocks super bitch. I LIKE. On top of that Jung Gyu Woon is so cheeky – he knows that Jung Woo Jin picks and chooses the evidence, disregarding the truth. I don’t get why he’s following her rules, but I hope it gets clarified later. He’s not as forward as I thought he ought to be, but then again, we already have Ji Hoon for that. So he’s the cool headed independent, while Ji Hoon is the hot tempered independent. In any case, he has a mind of his own and knows that she’s not correct.

Park Shin Yang – I hate to say this but if Sign fails, it’s all because of him. Honestly, his acting sucks. Shouting does not make thee a more passionate actor – it just makes thee annoying. Although – are he and Kim Ah Joong exaggerating their hate relationship right now? Because they keep shouting at each other for no reason… Anyways – it sucks, but I’m hoping that it leads to a bigger turnaround for his character later. If I try and justify his overacting, it feels like Ji Hoon is someone who’s used to getting his way. Everything must be perfectly in place because he’s OCD, and then he only wants to work alone because he trusts no one. Because he does nothing but yell, most people shut up and/or acquiesce. However, his spat with Da Kyung in the security room led to him getting yelled back – and it looks like no one has done that very often to him. That’s why he shut up and just let her help, because not only is she right about the lack of time, but she’s also just as determined as he is.

I’m hoping the drama gets better in terms of characters. They have the story – the cases are interesting, and even though they’re prolonging the singer’s death longer than two episodes, it’s not like they’re prolonging the result. In the first two episodes we know it’s murder, and that it’s a cover up. Now all that must be dealt with is the aftermath, the consequences, and who will win the battle in terms of preserving reputation. So it’s not like the case is getting drawn out unreasonably.

But the characters? I want more development. MOAR! MOAR!!!



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