News Bits: 1/18/11 Edition

OH MY GOD. I am just catching up on My Princess. Episode 4. First ten minutes. I’m dying. Literally. I want to laugh my head off but I can’t for the sake of the sleeping inhabitants in my house. I die. It’s not like the jokes are new or fresh, and it’s been done before. However, the situations never fail to crack me up, and the acting from Song Seung Hoon and Kim Tae Hee are spot on. Plus, put Jung Suk Yong anywhere and he’ll make the drama five times better.

I hope it keeps it up.

  • Kim Sung Min was sentenced to 4 years in prison and fined 904,000 Won for smoking marijuana. Because he’s famous, he was dealt with more harshly. Wow – I wish the legal system here would do the same to celebrities who abuse drugs or get caught for drunk driving.

He stated that his drug use was a result of depression, a series of failed investments, and a breakup with his girlfriend. He is repentant of his crimes, and I think he will have to serve some time before getting any permission to leave on parole.

  • Jay Chou, Nicholas Tse, and Li Bingbing will be starring in a pan-Asian film called “Reversal War.” The plot is about two brothers (Chou and Tse) who solve international mysteries and search for their loved ones. Jung Woo Sung or Lee Byung Hoon will play the two brothers’ antagonist, while Li is one of the female leads. The film has $2 billion HKD budget, which makes it one of the biggest budget Hong Kong films ever. Shooting locations include Jordan, the Middle East, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Sounds like the movie version of Runaway Plan B, and it’s kinda funny how the two leads of Korea’s spy shows are contenders for the villain role for this movie.
  • In addition to Song Il Gook and Kim Seung Woo, Kim Joon of Boys Over Flowers will be part of the cast of “Organized Crime Division.” The “female quota” will be fulfilled by Sun Woo Sun (of Queen of Housewives).

sources: asianfanatics, asiae


One thought on “News Bits: 1/18/11 Edition

  1. Ah, Kim Sung Min. This is so sad, having enjoyed his performance immensely in “Glory of the family”. Hope that he will overcome his problems.
    Over here, a famous TV host was indicted very recently after a police investigation on drug trafficking. He would pay up to several thousand dollars monthly for cocaine and he confessed on TV later that he consumed all kind of drugs and drunk heavily. Since he’s been repentant, as he is about to travel throughout the nation to speak about the danger of drugs, he might be sentenced to a few days in jail or less.
    Hmm… 4 years in prison for smoking marijuana versus maybe nothing for taking hard drugs, as a celeb – it’d be a whole different story for a “nobody”. Legal systems really do vary throughout the world. Yet I can’t help but feel sympathetic for both – abusing such stuff shows their malaise with life. Kinda like committing a slow suicide. Sigh.

    Other than that, Ockoala’s previews of MP’s episode 6 look promising. Yay. At least, some good news.

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