The Short Hair Phenomenon

I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not (although I’m not sure how you can’t notice,) but there’s been a crazy short hair phenomenon that I’m not sure is the trend for 2011 dramas or what.

The whole Short Hair Wave is not new – celebs have all been turning to short hair for that new “fresh” look because it’s the easiest way to have a makeover without plastic surgery. Har har. But lately, I’ve noticed that a lot of Korean actresses have been sporting short hair for their roles. It’s not new, but it’s more apparent now that a lot of those pixie-haired actresses are in back-to-back dramas.

I’d like to say it started in late-2009 with Kim So Yeon and her severe-bangs for IRIS. She really rocked them, and I’m sure that some people associated that short hair with the modern, kick-ass woman than practical, single woman (a la Yoon Eun Hye in Coffee Prince). Next was Wang Bit Na in Woman Who Still Wants to Marry sporting a similar hairstyle – and guess what? She was a modern, kick-ass woman!

Now I didn’t really pay attention to other dramas afterward in regards to hair. Coffee House‘s Ham Eun Jung sported the messy Go Eun Chan-hair for a while until she cleaned up and had a more sleek look. Now it’s not too severe, but it was a cute simple bob – and she was the “practical, single woman 2.o.” Her hair in Dream High is an improvement, and a mix between her Coffee House hair and the “modern kick-ass” hair.

Secret Garden had Ha Ji Won with her pragmatic short hair (“practical single woman” look) due to her job as a stunt woman. Her hair didn’t really get any more cleaned up (save for her “Cinderella” moment when Oska gave her an insta-makeover and a hair style that resembled his.) ATHENA rocked the long-hair-is-dangerously-sexy look, since all the female leads have medium to long hair, and interestingly bucked the trend. But then we have Uhm Ji Won sporting severe short hair in Sign and Park Ye Jin wearing the exact same hairstyle in My Princess. (I’m gong to skip over Uhm’s boring short hair bob in WWSWTM but that one was way better than what she’s got now.) Uhm wears it better than Park, but still both female characters are meant to be bitches and they look it. So the “modern, kick-ass” woman look evolved into “successful-but-bitchy” look.

And now we have Rainie Yang with her short hair?

Moving on to the men… the Korean actors have less they can do with their hair since it’s either: grow it long and look like a girl, or keep it short and look like Justin Bieber 2.0. Kinda.

Song Seung Hoon, Hyun Bin, Jung Woo Sung, Cha Seung Won, Rain, Kim Hyun Joong, Noh Min Woo, Kim Bum, Shin Dong Wook (at the end of Stars Falling From the Sky), Lee Joon Hyuk, Park Shi Hoo… Get my drift? Only Yoon Sang Hyun and Kim Min Jong are rocking the curly-hair for me for now…

The trend has lasted longer for the men, but watching ATHENA, Sign, My Princess, and Secret Garden all in one week is what’s killing me with the hair. It’s like, long side bangs overload! I just might start to confuse all these actors! I already have a hard time identifying the people of Jersey Shore! (Not that I watch that show very often…)

So uh, 2011 – is this the year for short hair? ‘Cause I just decided to grow out my hair…


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