Lee Yo Won and Bae Soo Bin on 49 Days

More casting news on the drama following Sign. Bae Soo Bin and Lee Yo Won have been added to the cast to 49 Days. It is reported that Bae Soo Bin will play Kang Min Ho, a smart guy who received his MBA in the States. Meanwhile, Lee Yo Won will be the ghost Song Yi Kyung and Shin Ji Hyun, the lady possessed by the ghost. I don’t know how that works out because Nam Gyu Ri possesses the body of Song Yi Kyung (hence it’ll be Lee Yo Won’s body) and so it appears that the soul of Yi Kyung will go to Shin Ji Hyun’s body? Confused yet?

I will watch almost anything by the writer So Hyun Kyung, so I’m curious. At this rate, Bae Soo Bin should’ve made a cameo appearance in Prosecutor Princess.

source: asiae 1, 2


One thought on “Lee Yo Won and Bae Soo Bin on 49 Days

  1. one of the things I hate about kdramas that they give you the entire story beforehand this is dump they need to change this
    obviously this going to be a serious one with lots of tears and so on
    Nam Gyu Ri wont appear much since her soul will be invading Lee Yo Won body and will stay there till her mission is done which most of the drama I guess along the way Nam Gyu Ri soul in Lee Yo Won will fall in love with Lee Yo Won boyfriend (hilarious) it looks like a comedy to me

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