Secret Garden-Boys Over Flowers Mash-Up


Secret Garden is ending this weekend. boohoo!!!! But the fans are diehard and still going strong. It’s gotten enough frenzy that a certain blogger made a parody video called “Secret Over Flowers” cutting together clips of Joo Won and Jun Pyo’s scenes to make it seem like they’re interacting and competing over who’s better than who.

To summarize, it’s basically a man-up-manship where the two of them compare their wealth. Jun Pyo tries to steal Ra Im for himself, causing Joo Won to get really pissed off. They continue to antagonize each other and Joo Won threatens to call his lawyer. They both get the treatment of disgust when the stuntmen realize that Jun Pyo can’t eat pork skin either, and then Joo Won has a drunken night ending up in Jun Pyo’s bed. Looks like a male romance is blooming!

source: soompi


4 thoughts on “Secret Garden-Boys Over Flowers Mash-Up

  1. LMAO, I swear, that video maker is a genius! Even the dialogue matches, wow. (S)he made a bunch of Yongha/Jaeshin videos as well I believe, and they are just as awesome.

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