News Bits: 1/12/11 Edition

EDIT: LOL – I put up 1/12/10 as the date, but that would make this post a year late! Hehe.

Hyun Bin is crazy – in a good way. He signed up for the Marine Corps to fulfill his military duty. For him to volunteer for the Marine Corps is apparently a big deal because most actors just serve in the army. To be in the Marine Corps means that he’s going in hard core. It’s so crazy it’s admirable (I mean, would you volunteer for a harder experience when you don’t have to?) Before he leaves – which could be as early as March if he passed his interview – he will release two films. One is “Late Autumn”, which he starred alongside Tang Wei and it took place in Seattle, and the other is “Love Me, Love Me Not” with Im Soo Jung.

  • Jay Chou attended the premiere of “The Green Hornet” with someone who was rumored to be his girlfriend. Funny thing is, she was just the translator! (As blatantly seen here:)

Not bad for spoken English since he can understand the questions and answer very simply. I love how media outlets love to make up rumors so quickly. I mean, yeah, she is kinda pretty, but it is also a Hollywood premiere… Jay Chou’s song “Shuang Jie Gun” will be the ending song for “The Green Hornet,” which premieres in theaters on Friday.

  • Lee Byung Hoon – coming soon to your iPhone! His entertainment company, BH Entertainment, announced that they will be making cases for iPhone 4’s that have his face on it, or designed after him. You can see how these cases look here. Kinda cheesy, but OK – if you insist…
  • Han Hye Jin, last seen in Jejoongwon, will return to television next month as the lead actress of KBS drama titled “Thorn Birds.” She will play Seo Jung Eun, an orphan who decides to look for her mother after she becomes a star. I hope they change the title, because when I saw that, I immediately thought of this “Thorn Birds,” which is clearly not right and bears no similarity to the K-drama.
  • I’m a tad disappointed that My Princess got 20% ratings for episode 3, while Sign brought in only 16% (both are AGB ratings for nationwide). The ratings are 21.7% and 18.2% for respective dramas in Seoul. Not that I dislike My Princess, but it’s just that Sign is pretty good, albeit hampered by Park Shin Yang‘s crazy acting. Story wise, I like Sign and don’t “get” My Princess.
  • And here’s a clearer photo of Kim So Yeon for her Athena cameo. I’m DYING for her to appear! DYING! Ya hear me? She recently went to Japan for a promotional event with Lee Byung Hoon and Kim Seung Woo.


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