News Bits: 1/11/11 Edition

Ack! I just finished watching Secret Garden episode 17, and GAH – TEARJERKER! OK, I realize that certain parts of it were pretty sappy, no lie, but when you put a great male actor like Hyun Bin in front of me, crying his eyes out, I can’t help but want to cry too. Not that I did, I’m just saying I wanted to.

Anyways – the scene in the hospital? BEST SCENE EVER. Why? Because it just put all the actors (save the mother) in one place at one time, acting their hearts out. And to be hit with all that at once is just overwhelming.

  • Anyways – just because Jo Kwon and Ga In aren’t on “We Got Married” anymore doesn’t mean they’re no longer a couple. Jo Kwon admitted on the MBC show “First Time in My Life” that he’s really dating Ga In. His bandmates even confirmed it. Do you believe it? I don’t know if I do, but even if he’s joking, there might be some truth to it. Anyways – it was on a comedy show, and he’s known to be a joker. So whether they’re really dating or not is up in the air.
  • KARA’s Japanese drama “URAKARA” will air on January 14 in Japan, and be shown at the end of January on tvN under the title “The Double Life of Kara” in Korea. The drama is a mix of reality and fantasy (and reminds me of the Spice Girls’ movie “Spice World”) because it has the girls appearing as spies on a mission to win the hearts of the men of their dreams. What the hell? Their live performances will be included in the drama as well. tvN – really? Are you going to sink this low!?
  • Bong Joon Ho, director of “Mother” which starred Won Bin, will be a juror for the Sundance Film Festival. !!!!! Although, I would have expected Cannes, not Sundance, but hey – Sundance is good too! The film festival will be held in Utah from January 20-30.
  • Queen of Reversals finally won in the ratings game, pulling in 15.7% over Athena (which got 15.2%). I’m personally disappointed at Athena’s floundering ratings, though I kind of understand why. It’s getting better, since we know the characters better, but story wise it’s a little disconnected. But anyways – it is possible that Queen of Reversals will be extended by one more episode to even it out (so that it will end on a Tuesday rather than a Monday, and bring its total number of episodes to 33). I’m just on episode 7! This calls for a major marathon, but honestly it can get kinda boring – especially when Park Shi Hoo is not in the scene. Biased? Who, me?

sources: allkpop, popseoul, asiae, dramabeans


One thought on “News Bits: 1/11/11 Edition

  1. About Secret Garden, Kim Eun Sook seems knows how to move viewers (I’m cried, too), but sadly she doesn’t know how to create angst not being absurb and rushed… Fortunately, she has Hyun Bin and Ha Ji WOn.

    As For Quenn of Reversal,Trust me kaedejun, from epi 13 onwards, slowly but surely u will see PArk Shi Hoo getting more airtime than the male lead, LOL

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