News Bits: 1/6/11 Edition

Hm… After watching Sign, I had no idea that the first episode was based off of true events. Apparently the drama drew inspiration from the death of singer Kim Sung Jae back in 1995. Kim had performed at Inkigayo and then two days later was found dead with 28 needle marks on his arm. It was speculated that he died from an overdose, but the National Institute of Scientific Investigation (basically like the NFS of the drama) found animal anesthesia in his body and linked it to the singer’s girlfriend, who had purchased said anesthesia. There wasn’t sufficient evidence to convict her or continue investigations though.

In the drama, Uhm Ji Won‘s character had interrogated the suspects about the idol singer’s drug use and had speculated it might be due to overdose. Hm – so that clears up what was going on in the drama. It’s possible that she had wanted Jun Kwang Ryul‘s autopsy to rule it so…unless that’s just my overly dramatic mind making up that bit of fact. Anyways – this makes Sign seem more like Law and Order, and I wonder if it can last in that manner. Will viewers continue to tune in after watching an episode that seemed to mimic life?

  • More details of Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ki’s new film – Son’s character can see ghosts after she has an accident, while Lee’s character is a magician who performs tricks involving ghosts. The two of them open up to each other over alcohol. Always trust the bottle to bring down inhibitions!
  • Song Il Gook returns! With a new drama! He will play a detective with a past who will go through any means just to catch a criminal. Kim Seung Woo will play his boss and rival. Sounds like the theme for this year’s dramas are ghosts, detectives/action, and musicals. Yay. The drama will air after Dream High. I don’t know, but after reading this synopsis, it reminds me of The Devil.
  • Joo Ji Hoon is back! Sorta – he’s still in the military and won’t be released until November, but he signed up with Bae Yong Joon‘s agency KEYEAST to help restart his acting career once he’s released.
  • On that note, Joo’s Goong costar Kim Jeong Hoon is getting out of the army in February, and his first official activity will be to hold a fan meeting in Japan. Dude – what about a fan meeting in Korea!? I wonder if he’ll go back to acting. Or singing. I’m mighty curious. Not that he’s the best actor or anything, but he was in a high profile role and then all of a sudden disappeared. Well, he sorta did for me…
  • Hyun Bin is really working hard for Secret Garden – not only must he receive IV treatments to keep up with the pace, but he’s also participated in the OST with the single “That Man,” which is a version of Baek Ji Young’s “That Woman.” That man is gonna collapse when this drama is over. But the nice thing is, he said that while filming his kiss scenes with Ha Ji Won, his heart fluttered a bit. OOOOOOH – wonder what Song Hye Gyo will say to that!!! I actually don’t like him with Song Hye Gyo but fine. Whatevs. I’m not jealous or possessive at all.
  • Charice is coming back to Glee! About time little lady! She will appear in the post-Super Bowl episode, which is HUUUUGE. She’s going to perform with the Glee students’ rival team Vocal Adrenaline, and will perform “Meet Me Halfway” by the Black Eyed Peas. Oh. My. God. My hands are shaking from excitement. Songs from Michael Jackson (about time), Katy Perry (if they do “Firework” I’m gonna shoot myself), Lady Antebellum (Uh-oh, sounds like a Rachel-Finn duet), and Destiny’s Child (I hope it’s Mercedes singing “Bootylicious”).
  • Kim Ah Joong, currently starring in Sign, managed to earn her master’s degree in journalism and mass communications from Korea University. Oooh – a major that has nothing to do with acting, but everything to do with the media outlets that report scandals and gossip… nice!

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