News Bits: 1/5/11 Edition

Secret Garden will be holding a concert featuring songs from the OST next weekend. Baek Ji Young, 4Men, Yoon Sang Hyun, and Hyun Bin will all appear at the concert (yes – Hyun Bin’s got a song to sing). The OST has proved popular, selling thousands of copies. Footage from the concert will also be used in the Sunday night finale. Kinda like what You’re Beautiful did…which makes me wonder if Oska will make a love proclamation to Seul at the end of the night. Or maybe to Joo Won…

  • Lee Seon Kyun is gonna be a daddy for the second time – he announced that his wife is pregnant with their second child, just a little over a year after his first son was born in 2009. Congrats! I am crossing fingers for a girl – I don’t know why I care so much, but if their elder son has his voice and the younger child is a girl and looks like his wife, they will be a perfect family second to Sean and Jung Hye Young.
  • I caught a repeat of the KBS Drama Awards on TV and saw Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki get an award for Best Couple. 1) kudos to KBS for acknowledging a bromance (ahem*SBS, what happened to Jung Gyu Woon and Jung Suk Won eh?) and 2) the two of them were SO. CUTE. So for more cute pictures of Yoo Ah In eating ramen, click here.
  • So Ji Sub is recovering from the disastrous Road No. 1 with a movie – he will star in a romantic melodrama called “Only You.” He plays a boxer who falls in love with a girl who is losing her eyesight. A mash of Stairway to Heaven and “A Moment to Remember” eh? Or perhaps, a feature-length version of this music video?

The film is slated to release later in 2011.


  • Remember Monday Kiz? They sang on the OST for Prosecutor Princess – that dreaded, “Goodbye My Princess” that spelled doom for our lovers every time it came on. Anyways – they’ve got a digital single album – “Nostalgia” – coming out, both songs of which are remakes of old hits. The first is a soft ballad, and the second is 90’s pop-ish.

“If It’s a Night Like This” – originally by Park Jung Woon

“Love and Memory” – originally by G.O.D.

sources: dramabeans, asiae, allkpop


3 thoughts on “News Bits: 1/5/11 Edition

  1. “(ahem*SBS, what happened to Jung Gyu Woon and Jung Suk Won eh?)”
    forget the bromance…what about Song Chnag Ui- Lee Sang Woo who portrayed a real gay couple in Life is Beautiful…..they were even nominated…but it felt like SBS was not willing to go that extra step…now that i think its a real shame

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