New Drama for Jung Il Woo and Nam Gyu Ri

Hm – maybe this drama I’ll watch in 2011, since it’s got a tinge of Who Are You, Soul, and written by So Hyun Kyung, who did Shining Inheritance and Prosecutor Princess.

49 Days follows a woman played by Nam Gyu Ri whose soul left her body when she was on her way to her wedding. Jung Il Woo plays a grim reaper-sort of character who takes the souls of people the moment they die. (This drama marks his return to the small screen since Take Care of the Young Lady.) Nam’s character has to get three people to sincerely to cry for her help within 49 days if she wants to return to her body on the 50th day. To carry out her mission she assumes the body of a Yi Kyung, who is in a coma. She ends up in a love triangle between Yi Kyung and Yi Kyung’s boyfriend (Jo Hyun Jae), although I’d prefer if she ended up in a romantic love square including Jung Il Woo.

The drama airs after Sign in March. It’s possible that this drama will go the melodramatic route, but I’m really hoping that So Hyun Kyung still has her flair for comedy and will infuse this drama with much needed fun and possible hijinks. After all, Secret Garden already showed us what can happen with soul-swapping.

sources: asiae, daum, withs2



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