An Interview with Jung Woo Sung

After reading this interview with Jung Woo Sung, I love the man even more. There’s a reason why he works on quality movies than on TV shows – this man is truly interested in the entertainment industry for the craft, and not for the perks of fame and fortune. I also love how he criticizes his character (slightly) on ATHENA. His character is not really the ideal agent because he’s so “normal,” and to hear that coming from Jung’s mouth is a tad refreshing.

This man got skills! Writers – what the hell are you doing giving him lame lines!?

Q. It sounds like you were criticizing the government for its lack of support for television dramas. Were you?

A. Korean television shows are popular these days, but it is also important to highlight the hidden side – the poor conditions we sometimes work in – at least to avoid accidents during filming.

Ko Hyun-jung (of the SBS series “Big Fish”) said recently that Korean television shows should just have one episode a week, and I agree. I regularly see actors and actresses on television who are completely worn out. Broadcasting stations and production companies should consider the production environment, not just the profits from a show.

It’s been 14 years since you last appeared on television, when you starred in MBC’s 1996 drama “1.5.” Are things different than they were back then?

I chose to do “Athena” mostly because it’s more like a movie than a television show. We began shooting six months ago so it doesn’t really feel like we’re doing television. But there has been pressure to do faster shoots, which reminds me that this is what television is like.

For me, the limit is generally one film a year, even though my fans don’t think it’s enough. But I had been searching for a television show for the last four or five years when this came along.

The show started off well with a rating of 22.8 percent for the first episode but by episode six the ratings fell to 18.6 percent. How would you compare the popularity of “Iris” to this show?

Viewers can compare my acting to that of Lee Byung-hun (who played Kim Hyeon-jun, the main character in “Iris”), but our characters are actually very different. From the beginning, “Iris” focused on the torment Kim Hyeon-jun felt in betraying his country and his colleagues. But my character, Lee Jung-woo, is a rookie who goes through a lot of suffering because of his unrequited love for Yoon Hye-in. At first, I thought that, as a NTS agent, my character would grasp things quickly and that he would be capable of dealing with tough situations – someone like 007. But when I got the script I was surprised. Honestly, I envy Lee Byung-hun a little at this point. I’m still waiting for my character to show himself.

The romance between Hye-in and Jung-woo began unfolding quickly in episode five.

So far, we’ve just presented a rough sketch of the rest of the series and alluded to an upcoming plot twist, so viewers were probably wondering when Jung-woo would start to play a bigger role. But you’ll see. First there’s bitter, then comes sweet.

You’ve never played a strong character or a bad boy. Jung-woo is also a laid-back character. Are you trying to keep that image?

I have been doing characters who are not exactly active but who have a strong desire to rebel against and escape from social norms. I prefer characters who have strong principles and are righteous.

After “Beat” was released, fans started telling me they had injured themselves when riding a motorcycle like I did in the movie or they smoked Marlboros just like the character did. They thought my character’s actions were cool and they copied them. Once, I was shooting in a back alley in Miryang, South Gyeongsang, and a group of young school kids saw me smoking and said, “Whoa, that’s cool!” I was so ashamed. Bad guy characters are provocative but they shouldn’t be portrayed as cool. Producers should think about how movies affect kids and the public – not only about profits.

Do you want to make your own films?

Sure. I’m always interested in producing and directing, and I’m getting ready. In doing that, I’m creating an environment where I’ll work in the future.

You are already in your late 30s. How has your age affected your career?

Male actors my age are lucky. In the past, when actors hit my age, they could only play older, married men. But these days, there are various roles men my age can play. I think that’s because the film industry has grown and because of the Korean Wave. But I do have to keep in shape so I don’t get behind the younger actors. I get a little chubby when I don’t work out. I guess I am getting older.


source: joongangdaily


4 thoughts on “An Interview with Jung Woo Sung

  1. Well, I for one was tired of the 007 type, and was as surprised as him when his character came off so sloppy and teenager-y (especially after reading his character’s description). Since the drama is about a bunch of really cold, top trained, blah blah blah, people, having one with whom one can relate to was kind of ridiculously funny. It gives a closer point of view and makes it more interesting to see his journey.

  2. I find his character refreshing, too — there’s definitely a plethora of 007 types, the universe won’t suffer for the lack of one more. However, I would kinda like it if he was a little quicker on the uptake…but the contrast between his Jung-woo and Hye-in is stark and makes their relationship dynamic more interesting than Kim Tae-hee’s character and Lee Byung-heon’s in IRIS. And I love that he’s thinking about the impact his characters have on the general public, and choosing them carefully. That’s impressive.

    Thanks for posting this!

  3. Jung Woo Sung! Just because you are no longer a kid, doesn’t mean you are getting old. lol Many of your admirers are older woman, and to them, you are a Spring Rooster, fresh in season. 😛 Not to mention, the older you get, the younger and more good looking you have become. Your age becomes you. Working out at any age, is an advantage, no matter what you path in life, so keep it up, and stay healthy for those of us whom love you. I am looking forward to seeing you produce and direct. Even though I know that we will not see as much of you from behind the camera. Why? Because, I adore you, and it hurts me that you get hurt making these crazy film, on insane schedules. So, if seeing less of you, means you are healthier and happier, then so be it. I also hope that you find a virtuous woman worthy of your precious heart in the near future, and settle down soon, and have some little Woo-sungs. 😀 Every once in a while, you get this far off, lonely sad look in your eyes, and I know it is because you are alone. Although, I can’t imagine why! A man like you, should have women falling at your feet, standing in line, or something. If it because you are being selective, then that’s okay. :o) I would love to be able to talk to you sometime. You are such a beautiful person, and worth knowing. However, I am realistic, and realize that is one wish that will never come true. I am very fortunate to be able to see you via the media./ Internet, from time to time. I have loved you with my whole heart for many years, and it has given me great joy to watch you grow into a fine man …and actor. :o) i will going on loving you until the day I leave this world …whether, or not, you get a little chubby sometimes. lol You will always be in my heart. Loving you from far across the world in America. :o) Take care of your precious heart, my love. Saranghayo. :o)

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