Queen of Reversals: Episode 7

The recaps are back! And honestly – Yeo Jin and Jun Soo should just get together. I’ve seen the spoilers (regarding Tae Hee and Yong Shik), so I’m watching with those tidbits in mind.

This episode was kinda awesome for three things: plot movement, Kim Seung Woo, and Ma Hye Ri. (I LOVED that shout out, ‘cept I wish the writer was a little more daring. At least with Dr. Champ Park Shi Hoo made a voice cameo; then again, I guess because the crew that did Prosecutor Princess did Dr. Champ, they were more willing to do more with the cameo.)

By tripping over, Jun Soo makes a mess over a student’s uniform. Tae Hee steps right in and gives the student some cleaning instructions before dragging Jun Soo out for a “talk.” More like a yelling match on how unfit she sees it is for him to work there, and confronting him over the mysterious lady he shopped with in the supermarket.

He tells her it was Yeo Jin, which infuriates her even more – why did he have to act so polite to her? It’s not like she can fire him again. She orders him to ignore Yeo Jin the next time she comes around. But Yeo Jin is also sitting in her car, overhearing the entire fight.

Of course, Yeo Jin needs to push some buttons – she goes to the ddukbokki stall ten minutes to closing and orders two servings. Jun Soo acts coldly towards her, ignoring her as much as possible. Yeo Jin taunts him about what Tae Hee had said and then tells him that she wants to eat with him. She gives him a few encouraging words, saying that he’ll be able to succeed in anything.

They leave together, and Yeo Jin gets word that her mother’s condition is getting worse. It unnerves her so much that she trips on her way to her car, breaking her heel and prompting Jun Soo to offer to drive her to the hospital. She chooses to stay the night, dismissing both the nurse attendant and Jun Soo. As he leaves, he passes by a small stand selling shoes and purchases a pair for her. Exactly her size. See? Perfect for each other.

Back home, Tae Hee watches a program giving advice on how to fight with your spouse, where instead of accusing outright, she should word her accusations in a more passive-aggressive way. She tries it out on Jun Soo; it doesn’t work. Instead, it looks more like she’s trying to speak nicely while giving him death glares.

The next day, Tae Hee drives to work and encounters Yeo Jin’s car – both of them blocking each other’s way. guess Yeo Jin is feeling good enough to still continue a petty fight with Tae Hee over who should give way first. Yeo Jin points out that as a contracted employee, Tae Hee can’t park in the garage for free. But since a bunch of cars come up behind Tae Hee’s car, Yeo Jin has no choice but to move first. So for revenge, when they get in an elevator together, Yeo Jin phones Jun Soo and thanks him for the shoes. She doesn’t mention his name, and taunts Tae Hee as to whether she’s curious. “It’s my boyfriend,” Yeo Jin says smugly, and then steps out. Honestly, who cares? Tae Hee doesn’t, so why escalate this needlessly!?

The ddukbokki stall owner sees Jun Soo working hard, and so he agrees to help Jun Soo open another branch, starting with teaching him how to make the sauce. Good for him! Tae Hee however makes a dismal report to Yong Shik about selling only 6 out of the 1000 makeup kits. She tries shaming her team members into helping by asking whether they really want to be fired with the name of “useless employee” or if they want to try and make the most of their situation. However Yong Shik points out that Tae Hee is probably working so hard on this project because she wants to succeed – she doesn’t really care about the well being of her teammates. If that is the case, then she can handle all the sales herself. Bad for her.

Ki Ppeum reports Tae Hee’s progress to Yeo Jin, who then in turn reports to Song Yi. Song Yi is as cool as a cucumber though – she’s not worried about Tae Hee succeeding because to her, it’s an impossibility. She is, however, curious about how Jun Soo is doing and has Yeo Jin check up on him.

Jun Soo goes to visit his “awesome doctor brother-in-law” to ask for some money to help start up his ddukbokki business without letting anyone in his wife’s family know. Of course, at first mention of “start up business” the brother’s interest plummets and he vaguely says he’ll call back later.

Tae Hee and Yoo Kyung set up their mini stand outside again, but have little luck with getting customers. It is also during that time that Yoo Kyung honestly tells Tae Hee that she used to be a big fat bitch at work. The college girl who came the day before returns to buy the cosmetic case she returned because she felt so bad. She nearly faints, because she’s on a water diet, and Tae Hee immediately tells her to give her a call later – she’ll give the girl secrets to dieting without depriving herself of meals. Yoo Kyung makes note of this change in behavior.

Meanwhile, Yong Shik attends an awkward family dinner where Song Yi is the guest of honor. He says that he’s actually interested in working now that he’s the head of the special projects team, which makes his father happy and his mother sour. At the end of the dinner, the father even reprimands the mother to stop babying him and sending him off to America to shirk his responsibilities.

It looks like his mother and older brother really want to get rid of him, because during a round of drinks between the two brothers, Yong Shik’s older brother offers to send him loads of money if he will just move to the States. Yong Shik observes that the price for being invisible towards their father, or taking the blame for his brother’s mistakes, is that he gets to play and spend time with his hyung. Instead of taking the money this time, Yong Shik will not go anywhere – he’ll stay right in front of their father, and be responsible for solely his own actions. The older brother is pissed, and leaves Yong Shik to drink away miserably.

It’s a late night for Tae Hee, and she encounters Young Chul dressed in sweats. Turns out he’s staying in the empty night watchman’s room since his rent is too expensive. He apologizes for not being able to help because of his health, and then leaves to head to the bathroom to wash up. On the way, he doubles over in pain and blindly runs into the nearest stall, throwing up.

Tae Hee finally leaves the office, but is forced to walk down the stairs because the elevators aren’t working. When she reaches the second floor, she sees a drooped figure sitting on the steps: it’s Yong Shik. He’s red from drunkenness and he asks if she can sit by him and listen to his woes. Of course she says no. So he then asks her why she’s working so hard at her job when it’s just a shoddy position. Tae Hee says that she just wanted an ordinary life for her family, being able to support them. Yong Shik nearly falls asleep at her words but he wished for an ordinary life as well – no matter what he does people hate him anyways. Then he falls asleep.

Tae Hee is forced to drag him by the legs down the last few steps, and when she reaches the lobby she starts calling for help from the security guards. The guards are getting yelled at… by none other than Kim Seung Woo. At the mention of Goo Yong Shik, he stops reprimanding them and goes over to help. He admonishes Tae Hee for not speaking up earlier about Yong Shik’s state – and it’s cute how he accuses her of being a drunkard and getting Yong Shik drunk.

At the same time, Jun Soo arrives to witness the scene, carrying his first batch of ddukbokki for his wife to try. His mood darkens when he finds out that Yong Shik is Tae Hee’s boss, and he stalks off. This is witnessed by Song Yi, who takes it in deliciously. Jun Soo demands that Tae Hee quit; he won’t stand for his wife to work for the man who mistreated him. Tae Hee says she understands how bad Jun Soo feels – she saw him beg for his job – but she can’t do anything about it if the family is to survive. She can’t pin her hopes on Jun Soo’s ddukbokki stand. That’s enough to anger him, and he throws the food to the ground and leaves. (What an absolute waste of ddukbokki! ‘Cuz I really really wanted to eat it!)

After witnessing the scene, Song Yi tells Yeo Jin the next day to see if Jun Soo would like his job back. That shocks Yeo Jin, who wants to know why Song Yi would change her mind. Of course, Song Yi does not divulge.

Another day also means another day trying to sell the products. This time however, Tae Hee bumps into her old classmate, who is now a successful financial consultant in need of getting gifts for his clients. Knowing that she’s at the brink of a huge sale, Tae Hee happily agrees to meeting him at a hotel for dinner later.

But going to the hotel also has its surprises: Tae Hee sees her “awesome doctor brother-in-law” with another woman. He doesn’t see her at all when she steps into the elevator with him, and so she loudly makes a call to her sister. Right in front of her brother-in-law’s pleading eyes, she asks what her sister would do if she caught her husband cheating. Would she take everything away and divorce him? Humiliate him to death? She hangs up (leaving the sister to wonder if Jun Soo is the one with the affair), and her brother-in-law begs Tae Hee not to say a word.

Tae Hee agrees – to tell her mother. With her mother, it’s “fists first, words later,” so that should do it. Brother-in-law promises that if Tae Hee doesn’t make a peep, he will give Jun Soo money in return for his business. That’s news to Tae Hee, but she has a business meeting to go to first.

Her classmate is a complete sleazeball. He agrees to buy however many will help Tae Hee with her job, but then tells her that he’s been having a rough time with his wife lately… Tae Hee is disgusted with him, even though he’s the one man who can save her job. At this moment, Yong Shik and Kang Woo arrive at the restaurant to see this. Yong Shik believes that Tae Hee is selling herself to get rid of the old inventory, but he steps in anyways and basically tells the classmate to bugger off, lest he hears from his lawyer Ma Hye Ri (!!!). He grabs Tae Hee by the wrist and leads her away.

In the elevator (everything friggin’ happens in an elevator, doesn’t it?) he tells her that she’s fired. Why is he firing her? Because she’s demeaned herself, the product, and the company. Her desperation to sell has led her to sell herself. Tae Hee doesn’t understand how he came to this conclusion since she didn’t do any of that. She asks what he thinks of her, and he replies that he sees her as a completely cheap person.

Tears stream down Tae Hee’s face, and she gives him a good hard slap across the face.


3 thoughts on “Queen of Reversals: Episode 7

  1. Just one question, Would u recap QoR for the entire series ? QoR would have 32 episode, right? hehhe It will be hard for u to recap 32 episode for each episode.

  2. Thanks for your hard work. Love your recap…. PSh’s cheek often got slap by female lead. poor guy he…

    Can’t wait to read the next recap…

    I LOVED episode 8. 🙂

    this drama really confuse me, who is the real OTP… ?

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