News Bits: 1/3/11 Edition

This is the first news bits for the new year! Wow.

  • Anyways – good news for Rain – he was finally cleared of embezzlement charges. A fabric manufacturing company had sued him claiming that his fashion company J.Tune Creative had embezzled their money. However, prosecutors found the fabric company’s allegations as false.

That doesn’t mean that all is in the clear – since in a completely different matter, two officials at J.Tune Entertainment embezzled 900 million won to acquire a larger stake in the company.

But Rain has pretty much wiped his hands clean from the matter – he sold off all his shares and recently asked JYP to step in and take charge.

  • Ayumi Hamasaki announced that she was getting married on January 1st to Austrian model and actor Manuel Schwarz. The two met on the set of her music video “Virgin Road” where he played her husband. He appeared in two subsequent music videos and grew close. Then, on January 2nd, she announced that she is married! The couple wed in a small ceremony in Los Angeles. Talk about fast and keeping it under wraps. She even performed in a white wedding dress on New Year’s Eve for the year end music show “Kohaku Utagassen” (seen above). Wonder if she got married in that very same dress….
  • New MV for ATHENA! They keep rolling these out… maybe to build and increase hype, since the ratings are kinda dropping a bit? This one is by Supreme Team – a hip hop duo – and it’s called “Get Ready.” This one really reminds me of “Hallelujah” now, and the DBSK song has now faded into the back of my memory as a simple pop song. I don’t know when this song would ever appear in the series – perhaps when we see BoA‘s performance? This video seemed to focus more on Cha Seung Won, which in my opinion is always the right thing to do… 😛
  • My Lovely Sam Soon is getting adapted for the stage! It will be a stage play based on the original novel by Ji Soo Hyun, and will premiere on January 21. No big named stars are attached, but in my opinion, you don’t need one. As long as the actress can deliver the wit and humor of the character, you’re good to go.

And now, I’m just really curious, ya’ll: what drama will you be watching in 2011? I’m really curious because I myself have no idea. I don’t want to jump on the My Princess bandwagon, but there’s almost like, nothing else to watch! Maybe Sign? But still – what drama are you tuning into at the start of the new year?

Secret Garden, Athena, Queen of Reversals, or any “leftover dramas” of 2010 don’t count.

source: asiae, asianfanatics, japan times, allkpop, dramabeans


2 thoughts on “News Bits: 1/3/11 Edition

  1. Oh, I agree with Holey. However, last year I started barely knowing what a k-drama was and I ended up watching 26 dramas (!), so I’d recommend facing 2011 with an open mind and lots of time to waste, it worked pretty well for me 😀

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