Park Shi Hoo at MBC Awards

How could I neglect my man!?!?! I had totally forgotten to check up on him, and belatedly realized that my cutie pie Park Shi Hoo won the Excellence Actor Award at the MBC Awards for his role in Queen of Reversals (his character is the only sane one, and the only one keeping me going).

I’m so proud of my lovely couple – and for the two of them having starred in Prosecutor Princess.

Below is a video of him accepting the award:

If only he had dedicated his award to the “special girl in his life”…

*ahem – of course, I mean ME!

sources: soompi, dramabeans, youtube


4 thoughts on “Park Shi Hoo at MBC Awards

  1. I love his Harry Potter-esque glasses! He’s so serious in his speech though…I dunno, his character in QoR is rubbing off on me.

    I’m sorry he forgot you to mention you but there’s always next year! 😛

  2. I love his character more in PP.. DUnno why…. Btw, Congratulations, SHi Hoo…. If only He could attend at SBS award, too… I would be the happiest person .. *sob*

    Just one question, Would u recap QoR for the entire series ? QoR would have 32 episode, right? hehhe 🙂 It will be hard for u to recap 32 episode for each episode. LOL

    and SPOILER:
    There are more YS and TH scene in the later episode… Gosh… Are you kiding me, show? Are they the real OTP? It’s look like that lol

    *end spoiler

  3. I know him the first from series prosecutor princess. and I saw drama series family’s honor. Park shi hoo is very lovely,so smart and so cute. o to shim ni ga. po go si por. saranghae!!!

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