In My Head – Brian Joo vs. Jason Derulo

I am WAAAAY behind on this song. Then again, I don’t pay attention to music so much so I heard this song for the first time last night – even though it came out a YEAR ago. Har har. Jason Derulo came out with this single last December (2009), and Brian Joo released a Korean version (a cover) in March 2010.

The above video is their duet on KBS’ Music Bank in March. The audio/video sync is off, which makes me think it was purposely done to stave off take down notices on Youtube… or it’s just bad lip syncing.

Both versions are pretty good. It’s the same exact song anyways, in two different languages. I kind of like Jason’s version a leetle bit more – because I can understand it.

In Brian Joo’s MV, the girl is apparently Yoo In Na – who now stars in Secret Garden.

Brian Joo’s version:

Jason Derulo’s version:

sources: youtube, koream


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