Countdown to 2011

Kim Tae Hee: So, what do you think of 2011?

Happy New Year to all!

It’s been a crazy year in 2010, and I’m really glad that it was. I’m looking forward to 2011 and the dramas to come. There will be My Princess (starring the two actors whom I think have the looks but not the depth in acting skill), Dream High (which might work out, but I’m actually looking forward to What’s Up more – if it ever airs), Sign (Hmmm… sounds like an underrated drama in the works), The Duo (fantasy sageuk anyone?), City Hunter (I actually wrote City Hunger at first – which could be an interesting drama in itself, but anyways…), Poseidon, Faith (if it ever gets a lead…), and The Musical (I think the trend for 2011 is to do a lot of musicals).

Hmm… sounds like a good year to catch up on old dramas!

Hehe – I sound cynical, but honestly, not a single drama has really caught my eye with this line up. I think 2010 was an awesome year, because there was a huge spectrum of good, bad, and the middlers. I wonder if 2011 will be the same…


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